Youtube video keeps freezing audio continues

This is a difficulty that’s been happening given that YouTube ended up being popular but newly there’s been a surge of complaints around YouTube videos lagging behind the sound.

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Tright here are a few fixes for this difficulty and by the finish of this write-up, you need to be able to watch your YouTube videos through peace.

Here’s the scenario…

You’re watching a video on YouTube and a few minutes into the videos, you notification that the video starts freezing and buffering and so on. However before, you alert that the audio is still playing.

You then try to rewind the video to check out if the video and audio will sync, however rather, the exact same thing happens a couple of secs later or the video starts to buffer while no sound play at all.

1. The Reakid YouTube Videos Freeze

There are really only 2 factors why YouTube videos are going to freeze while the audio proceeds to play in the background.

Make certain you take into consideration both of these alternatives bereason it could be either one of them.

The first factor why you’re going to have issues once watching videos on YouTube is bereason of the quality you’re streaming it at.

You must make certain that you’re streaming your YouTube videos at an proper resolution to ensure that you don’t have any kind of bad experiences while watching them.

The second factor why YouTube is going to save freezing, which also web links to the first factor, is bereason of your internet link.

Your internet link is a vast aspect which contributes to why you’re going to have issues with YouTube.

2. Refresh the Page

The first point you have to execute is to refresh the web page.

This is going to refill the page and also possibly remove errors that’ resulting in the YouTube video to freeze.

Sometimes tbelow can be errors once loading a web page which may sheight a few points on the webpage to stop working.

After you’ve refremelted the web page, you’ll need to watch the video aacquire to check out if the video runs smoothly.

If you found that the video is the buffering, go to the next action.

3. Change the Resolution of the Video


The next action to take that would certainly be most likely to solve this trouble is to reduced the resolution.

This means that you’ll have the ability to stream the videos even more easily bereason your internet connection clearly can’t handle the higher resolution you were already streaming the video at.

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The primary factor why your YouTube video will certainly freeze is bereason your internet rate isn’t able to stream videos of high resolution.

When you pack a video clip, YouTube automatically lots the video at a certain resolution based upon the high quality of your internet link.

If you notification that YouTube lots every video on a low resolution rather of the high resolution such as 360p rather of 4K, it’s more than likely because the top quality of your internet rate won’t be able to stream videos via a far better high quality.

So, as soon as you attempt and also watch a video clip via a lower resolution, you’ll notice that you’ll suffer no problem via the videos or the audio not being synced.

To lower the resolution:

Click on the settings iconClick on qualityEither click auto, 360p or 480p

If you were on a resolution that was high, either reduced the top quality or click on Auto.

This will make certain that the high quality of your internet rate can stream the videos without it buffering bereason the high quality isn’t too high.

If you desire to watch videos at a higher resolution but you still don’t desire it to freeze, go to the following action.

4. Check the Quality of Net Speed


If you desire an alternate option that still enables you to watch videos at a higher resolution, you’ll have to make sure that you have actually a good internet connection.

Sometimes tbelow can be a difficulty that stops your router or modem from connecting to the internet which could influence the means you stream videos.

The ideal method to try and also solve this problem is to disaffix from the netoccupational and also reattach again.

If you discover that the internet is still lagging, you’ll should restart the router, so it have the right to attempt and affix to the internet appropriately.

If you know that you generally have a slower internet connection, there’s no means to solve this acomponent from obtaining a far better ISP and also a better rexternal.

5. Use a Different Browser

If you’re using your desktop, you deserve to try and watch the video on another internet browser and see if this helps the trouble.

If you’re utilizing chrome, you deserve to try switching to another browser such as internet traveler.

If you’re using the YouTube app, you can attempt and clear the apps cache in your settings.

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If you don’t have accessibility to this, re-installing the YouTube application will certainly clear the cache papers instantly.