Your thunderbird profile cannot be loaded. it may be missing or inaccessible

Mozilla Thunderbird is a full-featured, secure, and reputable email client. However, customers have noticed an concern where Thunderbird appears to freeze, not founding up even though it appears to be running. Thunderbird commonly retransforms the error message, "Thunderbird is already running, yet not responding. To open up a new window, you must close the existing Thunderbird process or rebegin your system." Often, cshedding Thunderbird retransforms this extra error: "Your Thunderbird profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible."

If you have actually these difficulties, here's what could be happening and what you deserve to execute to resolve it and gain Thunderbird back up and also running aget.

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Causes of Thunderbird Not Starting

If Thunderbird refprovides to start and also returns an error about an existing Thunderbird procedure, it's bereason Thunderbird thinks your profile is in use. The reason might be a stale profile lock that was left after Thunderbird craburned. This suggests Thunderbird didn't cshed effectively or correctly clean up short-term files. Additional processes are running in the background, and also Thunderbird is puzzled, frozen, and unable to open up.

Another cause might be that Thunderbird is running on an additional computer. Thunderbird can't run on more than one computer at the very same time with the same profile.


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How to Make Thunderbird Start Aget

If Thunderbird is running, yet not responding, or says that your profile is in use, right here are the steps you need to try.

Cshed and reopen Thunderbird. It's always worth a try to cshed the application and also then reopen it. Select Thunderbird > Quit Thunderbird from the menu, and also then reopen up the application to watch if this solves the difficulty.

Close Thunderbird on an additional computer. If Thunderbird is running with your profile on another computer, close Thunderbird on that machine by choosing Thunderbird > Quit Thunderbird from the menu. Then log in again on the computer system you're using.

Kill Thunderbird's background processes. Even if you closed Thunderbird, the application might be running in the background. Ending Thunderbird processes that are running in the background might deal with the worry. On a Windows mechanism, do this from the Task Manager.

With macOS, pressure quit all Thunderbird processes from the Activity Monitor. On a Unix system, use the killall -9 thunderbird command in a terminal.

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Start Thunderbird in Safe Mode. This starts the application without specific extensions or add-ons that led to the error message. Open in Safe Mode and view if this solves the difficulty.

Delete the parentlock file. The parentlock file is developed eextremely time Thunderbird starts and have to instantly clear after you close Thunderbird. If Thunderbird fails to finish the closing process properly, this file isn't deleted. Manually delete the file to see if this solves the trouble.

On a Mac, open a terminal home window and also type cd and a room. From the Thunderbird folder in Finder, drag the icon to the terminal window so that the route to the folder automatically adheres to the cd command also. Press Enter to run the command also and also then enter rm -f .parentlock.

Use the LockHunter file-unlocking tool. Use LockHunter to watch what restricts Thunderbird from opening, and also then shut dvery own any kind of holds on the routine so that you have the right to use it usually.

Repair Thunderbird folders. A folder might be corrupted. Repair Thunderbird folders to check out if this solves the problem.

Create a new Thunderbird profile. Tbelow might be somepoint wrong with your Thunderbird profile. Prodocuments in Thunderbird and also Firefox store indevelopment around your settings, mail, accounts, and also any extensions you set up. If somepoint goes wrong, earlier up your profile and also then develop a fresh one.

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Reinstall Thunderbird. If namong these troubleshooting procedures solves the problem, move your profile folder to a different area to earlier it up. Then, reinstall Thunderbird without a profile present. Everypoint need to begin fresh.