Your computer could not connect to another console session windows 10

Hello,I am running Windows 7 Professional on a new lapoptimal. I am trying to attach to a remote computer system (at the office). When I click the connect button,I get the adhering to error message:Your computer system might not attach to one more consingle session on the remote computer bereason you currently have a console session in development.I noticed that there are several procedures running on this computer: Dell DataSafe Online andDell DataSafe Local Back-up.Could it be that among these procedures is leading to this error?

Does anyone understand how I can fix this error message?

Thanks in advance for reviewing my post and also any type of feedago provided!

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Naguy R
Replied on December 30, 2009

Hi Shannon_InTexas,


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You may have to adjust some settings on the computer system to allow for the Remote Deskpeak Connection.

If the computer you want to affix to is making use of Windows7 Professional, Windows7 Ultimate, or Windows7 Enterprise, follow these steps:

Open System by clicking theStart, right-clicking Computer, and also then clickingProperties. In the left pane, clickRemote settings. If you"re motivated for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or administer confirmation.In the System Properties dialog box, under Remote Desktop, select one of the 3 options, and then clickSelect Users.

If you are an administrator on the computer, your present user account will automatically be included to the list of remote users and also you can skip the next two actions.

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In the Remote Deskpeak Users dialog box, click Add. In the Select Users or Groups dialog box, perform the following:

·To specify the search place, clickLocations, and then choose the place you want to search.

·InEnter the object names to select, kind the name of the user that you want to add, and then clickOK.

The name will be presented in the list of individuals in the Remote Deskpeak Users dialog box.

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Follow the measures in the links below which might assist you to deal with the issue:Remote Deskoptimal Connection: typically asked questions:http://home

Connect to one more computer system using Remote Deskheight Connection:

Connect to one more computer system utilizing Remote Deskoptimal Net Connection:http://home

Why can’t I attach making use of Remote Deskpeak Connection?:

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