You want to install windows on a mirrored disk array

Mirroring ( RAID Level 1) is applied when fault tolerance is preferred. In a mirrored array, every one of the data is replicated across 2 or even more hard drives. Windows 10 mirroring is just available in Professional edition

Mirroring an Existing Drive

1. You deserve to best click begin -> Disk Management.

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Note: make certain to develop a backup of the content before mirroring.

2. In The Disk Management window Right-click on the existing disk that you want to mirror. Select Add Mirror….

Note: The disk drive that you will usage to mirror the existing disk should be unallocated. If is not, then delete the volume by right-clicking the disk and also “Delete Volume” to make it unalsituated. This will delete any information on that drive. If you have information there make certain to backup before deleting the volume.


3. Here pick the obtainable drive/Partition and also click Add Mirror.


4. You will be warned that this process will adjust the existing disk from basic to dynamic. Click yes to continue.

5. The new disk will be marked as a mirror, and it will start Syncing the information from the existing drive to the new one


It can take a while to sync relying on the amount of data to sync. Once synced from htere on any type of information added to the drive will certainly exist on both physical difficult drives.

Mirroring Two New Drives

1. You deserve to best click start -> Disk Management.

2. Make sure that the drives are unallocated. If they’re not, then delete the volumes by right-clicking on each disk’s volume and also picking “Delete Volume”

3. Right-click on among the unalsituated drives (doesn’t issue which one), and pick New Mirrored Volume.

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4. Click Next to the wizard.


5. Select the drives you desire to host the mirrored data and click Add. Then click Next.



6. Asauthorize a various drive letter if you favor, and then click Next off.


7. Check note “Perdevelop a quick format”, adjust the volume label if you choose, and also then click Next.


8. Click Finish to start formatting the drives.


9. You will certainly be warned that the brand-new drives will be converted to dynamic disks.Yes to continue.

Note: Do not Mirror Your Drive C: or the drive you are running Windows. this is just for Further drives or partitions.

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