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Nazih Haddad

I believe this is something concerned the motorists or a plugged USB exterior storage.

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open up device manager on your server and take a look at your motorists condition.

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Most of the servers needs to stop windows update when they are online/manufacturing environments, as all updates and required patches to be used prior to digital. This is the best exercise to speak servers rebeginning or prompt for restart in windows atmosphere.

Please sheight windows update immediately if retained online.

The last home windows upday patch would certainly have been released on April 8, 2014 the installation would have arisen within a few days if it was set to automatic. Unmuch less it was manually set up it would not be because of Windows Upday. Check the occasion logs to verify.

Goutetsu wrote:

EventLogs would be the first location to look.

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You need to check logs, it my not be updates, could be a change of role/feature. Software mounted...

This must be a Windows upday, but still I check it prior to refounding if this message comes up:

Run Windows update.

Check for brand-new updays.

Then look in the History which upday Windows wants to install or has actually installed (look for the day if it matches the correct time- period)

If it is happening on even more than server, than 99,99% it is led to by OS updays. How they are configured, automatic installation?

Can you watch anypoint in event viewer (look for "Servicing" entries).

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How around an image of the alert? If it"s updays, it"s pretty obvious. What you"re describing sounds prefer the new hardware balloon that will certainly popup, yet it"s all a shot in the dark without even more.

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