You must initialize disk before logical disk manager can access it

When you try to access to a new tough drive or solid-state drive, Windows will certainly prompt you that you need to initialize a disk prior to Logical Disk Manager can access it. This short article will certainly give you 5 approaches of handling this case.

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MBR or GPT: What is the finest option for your disk?

As you can see, tbelow are 2 partition layouts you have the right to choose on the pop-up window: MBR (Master Boot Record) and also GPT (GUID Partition Table). A partition style decides just how the operating system describe partitions on the disk. You might wonder your disk need to be initialized as MBR or GPT.

Usually speaking, GPT is a brand-new partition style and is used in many new PCs nowadays. Compared with MBR so it has actually made several enhancements to satisfy today’s computing needs.

✌ MBR partition table can’t recognize disks bigger than 2TB, while dimension limit of GPT is 9.4ZB, which can support all storage tools on the industry.✌ GPT supports creating 128 primary partitions however a MBR disk just creates 4 main partitions at most.✌ A system disk through GPT style functions well via the latest boot mode-UEFI. MBR is still matched via the heritage BIOS boot mode.✌ GPT is brand-new, so it commonly works with new Windows operating mechanism, favor Windows 10, 8, 8.1, while MBR is more compatible with Windows 7 and also older OS versions.


GPT is excellent, however it does not expect it suitable for all disks. In a lot of circumstances, MBR + BIOS boot mode, GPT + UEFI boot mode are compulsory for Windows OSes. Thus if your COMPUTER is running through old Windows, and also making use of BIOS boot mode, the MBR partition style is much better for it.

To know the boot mode of your PC, press “Victory + R” to open Run, and form “msinfo32” to open System Information. And you will see what kind of it your PC supports. If your COMPUTER supports both heritage BIOS and also UEFI, you deserve to also transform BIOS to UEFI or UEFI to BIOS according to your require.

Now you have actually known what partition style is better for your tough drive or solid-state drive. Next, this post will certainly help you to attend to "You must initialize a disk" problem.

Solutions for “You must initialize a disk before LDM can access it” without losing data?

So tbelow are 5 services for “uninitialized disk” error in this following content. Usually, Windows will need a new tough drive or SSD to be initialized as MBR or GPT. But sometimes, your disk will come to be uninitialized all of a sudden without any kind of factor. Please clone the drive to a USB drive or other area as backup or ago up the information to cloud storage.

Way 1. Initialize disk with Disk Management

Windows build-in disk management helps you to initialize a difficult drive as MBR or GPT disk.

Tip 1. On the desktop computer, right-click on “This PC” icon, and also pick “manage” to open up “Computer Management” dialogue.

Step 2. Unfold “storage” and click “Disk Management”. You will certainly check out all storage tools demonstrated on the Disk Management.

Tip 3. Right-click on the uninitialized disk and also hit “Initialize Disk”.


Tip 4. Then pick a correct partition table-MBR or GPT, and click “OK”.

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If it is successfully initialized, you have the right to partition the COMPUTER difficult drive or SSD for better managing your documents and also folders. If it doesn’t occupational out, periodically, go to the next solution.

Note: If you pick a improper partition style, and also have to change MBR disk to GPT or transform GPT disk to MBR, please go this page: How to: Change Partition Layout to GPT or MBR

Way 2. Reinstall the Disk drive of the difficult drive

Tip 1. Open the “Computer Management” as the way 1 shown.

Step 2. Click “Device Manager”. Right-click the disk drive of the “not initialized” disk,

Tip 3. Go through the prompts to uninstall the drive, and also restart your PC, it will automatically reset up.

Way 3. Reinstall USB controllers

If it is a USB drive that have the “you must initialize a disk” error, it is might because the USB devie driver not be installed appropriately.

Step 1. Press “Windows” key and also “X” concurrently, and choose “Device Manager”.

Step 2. In the Device Manger, expand the “Universal Serial Bus controllers”.

Step 3. Right-click a controller, and click “Uninstall device”.

Step 4. Uninstall all left controllers, and restart your PC. Then reconnect the USB drive with your PC. Then the COMPUTER will instantly reinstall all these controllers.

Way 4. Reset the CMOS Settings

If the Windows prompts you that you need to initialize a disk or SSD before Logical Disk Manager can access it, it deserve to be resulted from incorrect CMOS settings.

Just power on the COMPUTER. Generally you have the right to press “F2” essential to enter “BIOS Features Setup” when the logo shows up on the display screen. If it does not launch, please google what the precise crucial of your COMPUTER to enter BIOS features setup.

Then check the “Virus Warning” standing. Make sure it is “enable”. And start your COMPUTER, and attempt to initialize the drive aobtain.

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Way 5. Check poor sector

A sector is the smallest storage unit on a difficult drive. If there are some negative sectors on it, the partition table information might shed, and the disk will certainly be recognized unintialized. In this circunstance, you have the right to use a tough drive repair tool-AOMEI Partition Assistant typical. It will certainly shave the right to through anywhere the disk by means of CHKDSK.exe and also automatically repair corrupted sectors on it.