You cannot set dep attributes on 64 bit executables

Documents Execution Prevention, otherwise known as DEP, is a collection of modern technologies integrated right into Windows XP SP2 and later that avoids code from being run in certain regions of memory that are not authorized.

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This helps to prevent all kinds of strikes and also exploits, that generally would certainly have the ability to run freely, from executing. Documents Execution Prevention comes in 2 spices, hardware-applied DEP and also software-applied DEP.

Most customers will certainly never must worry about DEP bereason it works in the background and also normally only protects Windows system binaries or programs that “opt-in”. However, if DEP is turned on for all programs, it deserve to cause issues with specific programs.

DEP will occasionally shut dvery own a regimen or process without any alert if it violates DEP. Normally, these are third-party or older programs not written correctly for Windows.

You have the right to revolve off File Execution Prevention for a details routine in Windows by following the actions below. Note that you have the right to rotate off DEP globally for the entire device, however it’s not recommended as it makes your computer system less secure.

Enable/Disbable DEP

Step 1: Right-click on My Computer and also pick Properties. Then click on the Advanced tab and also then Settings under Performance.


In Windows 8 or Windows 10, you right-click on This COMPUTER, pick Properties and then click on the Cutting edge mechanism settings attach.


Tip 2: Now click the File Execution Prevention tab and also you’ll see two radio buttons:


Tip 3: Here is wbelow it have the right to be a little bit tricky. By default, DEP have to be set to the initially radio switch and therefore only defend necessary Windows programs and also services. If the second radio switch is selected, it will rotate on DEP for ALL procedures, not simply Windows processes.

If you’re having actually problems through a regime, go ahead and also try to pick the first radio switch, restart your computer system and check out if that fixes the issue. If not, you deserve to go ahead and also click the Turn on DEP for all programs and solutions other than those I select switch and also then add the routine that is having problems. Make certain to check the box likewise.

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However, DEP is now turned on for eincredibly other regimen in Windows and you might end up having actually the very same problem through various other programs. In that instance, you have to manually each regime to the exception list.

Tip 4: Click the Add button and also browse to the area of the executable for the regimen you desire to rerelocate from DEP security.

It’s also worth noting that you can obtain an error message stating You can not set DEP characteristics on 64-little bit executables when including a 64-little executable to the exemption list. This is OK bereason it indicates that your computer is 64-bit and also that your processor currently supports hardware-based DEP.


This means that all 64-little bit processes are always safeguarded. The just method to proccasion DEP from protecting a 64-bit application is to rotate it off completely. However, in order to revolve off DEP entirely, you have to use the command line.

Turn DEP Almethods On/Always Off

In addition to the two settings you see in the File Execution Prevention tab over, tright here are 2 more settings you can configure for DEP.

Almethods On - DEP will certainly be on for all processes in Window and also you cannot exempt any type of procedure or routine from protectionAlmethods Off - DEP will be entirely turned off and no procedure or regime, including Windows procedures, will be safeguarded.To execute this, open the command prompt by clicking on Start, keying in CMD, right-clicking the first item and picking Run as administrator.


Now to turn DEP to constantly on, copy and paste the adhering to command:

bcdedit.exe /set current nx AlwaysOnTo constantly turn off DEP, type the following command:

bcdmodify.exe /collection current nx AlwaysOff


Keep in mind that you only have to run among these commands, not both choose presented over. You’ll also need to restart your computer after any type of change you make to DEP.

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Once you have made the alters, you’ll notice that the Windows interface for transforming DEP settings has been disabled, so just usage the command also line options if important. One option provides you absolutely no defense and one gives you finish defense.


The default and best alternative is to have the first radio button checked, which will just protect crucial Windows programs and also services. If you have actually any kind of questions, feel complimentary to comment. Enjoy!