Yoga 2 pro screen flicker windows 10



I am having an problem via a Yoga 2 pro. After an undetermined size of time from 5 mintues to 2 hrs. the screen will begin to flash. I have tried to reinstall the video driver, tried to make it take place by shaking it tough to attempt and find a physical fault. I have actually additionally tried a reinstall of the OS (as an upgrade not a full wipe bereason I did not want to lose whatever on the system). I have likewise alters resolution and refresh prices.

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I have actually also done multiple searches on this worry yet have actually not discovered any kind of reason why it would certainly be doing this. It presently has actually windows 10 pro installed on it. 

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Someone else likewise had this problem. I assisted that "person" resolved it. First, tell me once you buy it, does the screen go flickering.

You"re not alone my friends!All Yoga 2 Pro individuals are plagued via flicker problem for years now and also never before addressed it to be addressed. Like many type of others tiny problems.I strongly recommfinish to READVERTISEMENT THIS.

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I know that post already. Someone sassist if they store their brightness on 50% or listed below, nothing happens.

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I settle the difficulty by plugging in the power supply and removing as soon as I"m running on battery gets rid of the difficulty until I shutdown or battery runs low. I"m reasoning perhaps I may need a battery change considering that it is around 4 years old and also I use that mode rather a little. Also was thinking feasible recent software application changes since the trouble has actually just started happening together with power-up difficulty requiring "NOVO" power-up. 

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Just wondering what graphics chipset your YOGA is using. You deserve to go to the tool manager to carry out that.

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