Xbox one controller stops working mid game pc

So I started playing Final Fantasy XIII - 2 via Steam the other day making use of my Xbox One controller and I noticed that whenever before the game proved a prompt (i.e conserve game, play tutorial, anypoint in the blue dialog box) my controller would certainly become completely unresponsive.

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The controller is linked to my PC by means of the Play and also Charge kit, it is not setup to be offered wirelessly.

The difficulty was temporarily solved by unplugging the controller for a moment* and plugging it back in.

*Too quick and it would certainly remajor unresponsive.

Is tright here any type of way to permanently deal with this issue?


Although not a genuine solution to the underlying problem, somebody has actually developed a hook for both Final Fantasy XIII & XIII-2. I have shown that the solve functions for XIII (I do not own XIII-2) using a XBOX One Wiremuch less controller using USB and also by means of the official Wireless Adapter for PC.

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Ssuggest encertain the fixer is running as soon as you"re playing, that"s it.


After considerable searching I came throughout this posting on Microsoft"s forum and it turned out that there had actually been a bug in the drivers at some suggest throughout the RC cycle for Windows 10 yet was supposedly fixed.

Also note that the issue was reported to impact some other games as well.

Wading through the various responses on the short article I found the following actions that readdressed the problem:

Go to tool manager Select the Xbox Controller Right click and choose "Upday driver software" "Browse my computer for driver software" "Let me pick from a list of gadget vehicle drivers on my computer" And then select "Microsoft Xbox One Controller" instead of the previously mounted "Xbox Controller"
Unfortunately I don't have a wireless adapter to be able to play roughly through and discover a solution. Given the difficulty for the wired controller I wonder if there is a particular Xbox One adapter that would certainly solve the trouble. –user73272 May 24 "16 at 15:38

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