Xbox one as a media center

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Microsoft’s brand-new Xbox One S isn’t simply the premier video game console. It additionally supplies an elegant solution for living room entertainment, giving access to many type of renowned solutions and also capabilities.

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For fans of Microsoft, it’s likewise the only reasonable method to access the software application giant’s in-house services—Groove, Movies & TV, and OneDrive-based photos—in the living room, which provides it even more interesting. But as through its precursors, there’s one noticeable downside: The Xbox One S, which starts at $299 for a 512 GB design, and also has $350 (1 TB) and $400 (2 TB) versions also, is expensive. Especially in a civilization of $100-ish Roku, Apple TV, and also Amazon Fire TV competition.

And the expense doesn’t sheight at the consingle. Anyone that chooses the Xbox One S as their living room media hub will want—maybe need—2 connected hardware tools.

The initially is an Xbox One Media Remote, which is currently $18 at Amazon. It debuted alongside the original Xbox One and also is a stubbly little bit point. But it functions well, and also is inexpensive. And the capacity to pausage media playago without waiting for a controller to wake up is even more than a nicety.


Xbox One Media Remote

The second is a Kinect, which costs $100, which and also adds voice control, a attribute I additionally think about a near-requirement in the living room. Yes, that’s a bit expense for a nicety, yet it’s a transdevelopmental capcapability.

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And given that we’re piling on, consider going 4K/HDR alongside the Xbox One S. These modern technologies are equally transformative, and also expensive, however well worth the price if your goal is to consolidate around a solitary, future-proof solution.

Cost aside, the Xbox One S really does fit the bill. All the expected media apps are obtainable, choose Netflix and Hulu Plus, as are Microsoft’s apps, and capabilities that debuted in the original Xbox One, prefer the HDMI passthrough function that lets you accessibility live TV programming through the consingle. The incorporated IR can be supplied to control various other gadgets for an extra included suffer. And through HDHomeRun assistance, you have the right to view your DVR-ed content on the console too.


Groove Music has actually been nicely adapted to Xbox One

And don’t foracquire the Blu-ray player, which has been updated in the Xbox One S to include assistance for the 4K discs that just debuted this year. I’m not a big fan of optical media, however those that are deserve to now purchase 4K Blu-ray movies and also TV reflects that offer UHD/4K reremedies of 3840 × 2160 at 60 FPs, compared to the 1920 × 1080 (likewise at 60 FPS) of Full HD, plus HDR. (Some Xbox One S media apps, like Netflix and Amazon Video, additionally assistance UHD/4K and also HDR.)

The Xbox One S isn’t perfect, of course. In addition to the expense, it’s still a reasonably big gadget once compared to a Roku or Apple TV. And unlike those silent tools, it has actually a fan that kicks up a bit of noise, specifically as soon as the console is enclosed. It’s not as poor the original Xbox One, however it’s there, and if you’re sensitive to noise, it’s somepoint to understand around.

You need to additionally take into consideration which solutions you want to access from the living room, and also if you’re not a Microsoft-focused family members, some of the missing bits might prove onerous and also detract from the all-in-one promise. While video solutions are mostly well stood for, there’s no assistance for content from Apple iTunes or Google Play, for example. And on the music side, Spotify is not accessible, though iHeartRadio and also Pandora are.

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My very own Xbox One S is relocating into the living room in addition to a new UHD/4K/HDR TV—the Samsung UN55KS8000, if you’re curious, it’s currently on a $500 sale, so it’s just $1300 best now—and also I’m curious to whether the household takes to the remote or voice manage over time. I’ll make certain they know about both.