Xbox controller not connecting to xbox 360

my controller works once it wants to it disconnects from the xbox and also wont attach bac to it i need to store scanin for it why is that

I have the very same problem newly my controller got broke and it died before it obtained broke and also I"m trying to connect my brand-new Xbox 360 wiremuch less controller to my Xbox 360


The most basic way to sync them is with a plug "n" play cord plugged straight right into the 360, and also then revolve it on. When you unplug the controller (once the lights on the controller light up), it will certainly be synced through that 360. Sometimes it will certainly take a minute to boot the 360 from the controller without pressing the power button on the 360 itself.

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While you"re at it, in reference to the rechargeable batteries, attempt scrubbing the copper connectors, and also plugging in the controller a number of times in order to completely recharge them.

A lot of the times, the rechargeable batteries will "finish" recharging, yet not hold much of a charge. When it does, unplug and also replug the controller till the light remains red and also totally charges.

My controller will not pick up my Xbox 360 I"ve tried to usage a cord and also the wiremuch less I put new batteries in it the lights come on yet nothing I"ve tried to reset it additionally but will not work-related help

I acquired it!!All you must do is rotate on both the Xbox and controller. Then push the attach switch on the Xbox. Then push the exact same point on the controller. It should occupational. I had actually the very same trouble.

Hope this helps!! :)

I found that the link drops during playing and realised that it was once I was obtaining a little physical via the controller (ie shaking it about a bit). It appears that the battery connectors come apart from the batteries once you shake the controller. To watch if this is your trouble simply ry shaking the regulate fairly difficult and also see if it switches off?

Take of the battery holder and also use a tiny screwdriver or a knife reminder to open up up the metal tab in the middle of the battery holder a tiny little more, then refit and gain.

Yes I used it at my family"s residence and as soon as I came earlier home to use it , my cousin said I had to recollection it . How execute I recollection it back ?

I have a controller that kept disconnecting. I offered a cotton swap dipped in rubbing alcohol & cleaned the battery contacts in the battery fill and the spring contacts under the battery load. This appears to have operated for me. It has not given any kind of even more difficulties unmuch less the batteries are close to dead.

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My controller wwouldn"t sync, it would certainly rotate it on yet not sync, then I remembered that I unplugged the hd cable out (to watch something on a various system) and also didn"t put it earlier in to my 360. So plugged it back and whatever is functioning aget. Hope this helps.

I was having actually the same problem and remembered exactly how I addressed it. When trying to sync your remote you have to have the tv on an input collection to the xbox. Hope this helps.

Sometimes interference from various other electric gadgets will certainly reason that to take place however seldom.

Other times it can be a low battery charge.

It can be the actual controllers constructed in Wifi start to fail.

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You could have to rekind to making use of a play and charge cord to bypass theWifi altogether.

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