Xbox 360 keeps disconnecting from live

I have an Xbox 360 elite, I've had actually it for 4 years without any type of difficulties.In the previous month I've been disconnecting from live for absolutely no reason. All of my other devices continue to be on the internet. I've tried disconnecting my rexternal just in case. Tbelow appears to be nopoint certain that triggers me to disattach, however it's extremely annoying when I'm in the middle of a game.It'll be fine for a couple of hours, but once it disconnects it just keeps doing it. Is this perhaps a problem via my Xbox or adapter?


Not certain what the difficulty is, yet mine started doing this last night 4 different times as well. After a couple of minutes I'd just hit authorize in and also it would certainly affix ideal ago. So probably something on XBLs finish.

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I don't know if it was simply this weekend you are experiencing troubles, but anytime there is a complimentary gold weekend I have actually viewed concerns via my Xbox Live attributes.

I have been unable to sign in at all because Thursday. Once I get to the dashboard, the Xbox has a valid IP deal with, and also it can hit a Plex server on my netoccupational without a problem, however it can't connect to Live. Edit: Foracquired to say that mine is an "E" model, and is less than 6 months old.

I had actually similar troubles, I uncovered that it was my rexternal.

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Have you recently updated your routers firmware or settings?

I have actually the same problem however I noticed it happens even more frequently once I play larger games e.g halo and gta, it likewise happens if I'm playing a game on single player, not always or even appropriate ameans however simply randomly. With me it doesn't happen all the moment however when it does it's pretty frustrating, I play wirelessly (I upgraded to the slim a couple of years back) and also I understand it's not my router so my ideal bet is that it's somepoint to do with Microsoft. Like I said though it doesn't occur that much to me however hopecompletely they solve it quickly. I hope it doesn't keep happening to you.

Actually I've noticed it while playing bigger games also. Generally throughout GTA Online or playing Destiny multiplayer. Disconnecting from GTA Online is the worst bereason im sure you know just how lengthy it takes to pack and how difficult it is to acquire in a game via your friends.

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Did you read the sidebar and check the Xbox Live status?

I had actually this trouble years ago, then stopped playing my 360 for a long time. I booted it up yesterday to play some Rock Band also 3 and it disconnects pretty much every single song. You can't play downloaded songs unless it's linked, so I have to re-Sign-In to my profile Eextremely. Single. Tune. It's super fucking annoying.

Did you acquire a fix for this?


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