Xbox 360 headset driver windows 10

After upgrading to Windows 8 Pro from Windows 7 Pro, the microphone component of my Xbox 360 headcollection (wired) is not recognized. Within any type of application that I try to record audio or sfinish audio (Skype), I either cannot continue or obtain "a recording gadget cannot be uncovered." However before, both the ear piece and microphone show up in device manager and the device associated sound plays when I plug the headset in. The headset worked perfectly in Windows 7. I"ve tried multiple USB ports and also 2 different headsets--exact same result. Is this a drive issue?
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Welconcerned area. As per the problem description, I understand also that, you have an concern via sound gadget. I would certainly repursuit to send us extra indevelopment as provided below to help you better.

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1. What is the make and model of the computer?2. Have you mounted sound adapter driver on Windows 8?
Method 1:I would certainly imply you to run “Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter” to diagnose the precise concern. It checks for widespread problems and also renders certain that any type of new device or hardware attached to your computer system was mounted effectively.
Follow these steps to run the troubleshooter:a. Press “Windows crucial + W”.b. Type “Troubleshooting” without quotes in the Search box and hit enter.c. Select “Hardware and also Sound” from the Troubleshooter Window.d. Select “Hardware and also Devices” under Devices choice.e. Follow the On Display instructions.
Method 2:Install the latest sound adapter driver in “Compatibility mode” and then examine if this fixes the worry.Follow these measures to install in Compatibility mode:a. Downfill the sound adapter driver from the manufacturer’s website and also conserve it on desktop computer.b. Right click the setup file of the driver and choose “Properties”.c. Select “Compatibility” Tab.d. Place a inspect note beside "Run this regimen in Compatibility mode” and also select previous variation of Windows supported by the software application, from the drop down list.e. Then click “Apply” and “Ok” alternative.f. Then install the software and also check the usability.
If the problem still persists, I would repursuit you to reply us via troubleshooting outcome to aid you additionally. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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I have the same concern. I recently upgraded to home windows 8 and also my xbox headset no much longer works. It"s linked via the controller operated fine on home windows 7 but on windows 8 it seems it quit working. It"s a xbox mic and the controller functions fine but the mic attached to the controller does not job-related. So i do not think there is a sound adapter driver. I think it installs when the controller installs.
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same problem. This is a device on a OS. Goes without saying they should be the initially to come out through new drivers for their own hardware once they launch a brand-new OS. I expect tright here really aren"t that many devices out tbelow. Probably take among their programmers a day at most per gadget to execute this. Definitely a bit disappointed in their monitoring ideal currently.
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This does NOT settle the concern. I am having actually the very same concern. Everything operated fine when I had Windows 7. I upgraded to 8 and also the Xbox Controller headset no longer functions.
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Only the microphone works, no sound is played with the earitem.

Windows 8 pro x64, all updays, xbox 360 wired gamepad, xbox 360 headcollection..

Windows 7 home premium x64 on the same COMPUTER - all fine.

March 18 and tbelow are still troubles via the mic, has actually a solution been discovered yet?

Using a Wiremuch less Xbox 360 Controller via Headset.

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Same below. New machine, downloaded all the easily accessible vehicle drivers and also still no success. it recognizes both earitem and microphone, the tool manager says the drivers are up to date, yet still no success. I have to keep my windows 7 machine till I find a solution.