Xbox 360 controller disconnects randomly pc

Hi, I have actually 2 Xbox 360 wireless controllers that I want to attach to to my PC. I already have actually the wireless receiver and also I have the right to get among the controllers to occupational perfectly fine on my PC.My difficulty is that the second controller will not remain connected. It will certainly connect and also will certainly display that it is associated on the computer system, however eextremely so often (eexceptionally couple of minutes) it disconnects and attempts to reconnect. It takes a lengthy time to reattach, then it ultimately disconnects aacquire. When it disconnects the ring just bweb links while it tries to reconnect.My various other controller connects and also continues to be connected via no problems. I"ve currently adjusted the batteries in the controller, and also I"ve even taken the batteries that are in the functioning controller and also it still doesn"t desire to remajor associated. This difficulty also happens as soon as I simply affix it by itself. It likewise works perfectly on my Xbox 360 so I don"t know what the trouble might be.Can anyone market any kind of advice? Thanks.

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tbelow is a piece of software aside from the chauffeurs that you have the right to usage and also it must control the relationships much better vs USB alone. i"ve never before provided the wireless controllers on a PC so i couldn"t tell you just how to collection it up exactly, but it shouldn"t be as well facility. it sounds favor tright here is simply interference in between the two controllers. since tright here is just one receiver (i.e. one USB port), they are probably simply fighting over which is the main unit. that"s my finest guess anymethod... i"ve always offered wired.
Thanks for the reply.Are you talking about the Xbox Status regimen that came with the driver installation? As much as I know that just shows you exactly how many type of controllers you have actually connected and also I guess staying battery life as well.As for the controllers interfering, the controller that has the difficulty still has the trouble also if it is linked by itself (The controller that does occupational continues to be off).It"s the same exact thing that happens in this YouTube video: www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=TxaIXivz5kEWired does seem the method to go, but I"d hate to need to buy another controller when I"ve already got these 2 and the receiver is "supposed" to allow as much as 4 controllers to attach to it.

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that is stselection, and i feel prefer it"s somepoint basic, yet i really have actually no idea... i do not have actually any kind of wiremuch less controllers that i have the right to test yet does it perform this on one more computer system too or simply yours? the truth that the unit in question doesn"t work-related by itself is puzzling and also might suppose it"s defective, yet that would be very unlikely. my finest advice would certainly be to simply search around for a solution because obviously tbelow problem isn"t as well unwidespread...

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Well the controller functions via my Xbox 360 fine, so I don"t understand if it can just have actually a difficulty with connecting to the PC receiver. It likewise does the exact same thing if I attempt it through my lapoptimal rather of my desktop.I don"t recognize, I guess my just bet is to buy a brand-new one and also I guess attempt to offer this one on eBay or somepoint since it does job-related via an Xbox. I"d just prolly end up losing out on money just to gain the exact same thing I have actually and then the new one may have a difficulty as well

not sure if brand-new members deserve to write-up in the exadjust section, yet you can try there first since it"s free and also you know you are offering to other members. honestly it simply sounds favor some type of driver conflict... have you gone into game controllers to check out if both gadgets are registered? choose any USB gadget periodically there is a conflict through some various other item of hardware that is using the very same hub or something.
Yeah, once I go right into the Video Game Controllers it will certainly display that the Xbox 360 controller is connected and also I deserve to go under calibrate and also it registers all button presses and stick movements. But then whenever before it decides to, it will certainly just disattach randomly.What gets me is that my other controller works perfectly