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Alideal, so I started out on the PC variation of WoT and I was destructive, but I delighted in It. so once the Xbox variation came out I was amazed and then proceeded beta tested it and have now invested even more money, time an effort Into the Xbox version, because appropriate from the obtain go I was so a lot much better at it on the Xbox than on the COMPUTER. I think that the only reason that this is, is bereason I use a controller on the Xbox and also a mouse and keyboard on the COMPUTER. So I was just wondering If tright here Is a method that I deserve to usage my Xbox controller on the COMPUTER.

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Having said that It may just be because there are a minimal number of tanks on the Xbox variation compared to the COMPUTER and also time will tell If that Is true. But for the moment I will certainly continue to work-related on the guess that It Is bereason I am making use of a controller.

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you deserve to use "Xpadder"(free) or "Pinnacle" software (Google them) and also download the WoT controller profile develop their websites...yet honestly it is virtually difficult to hit anything relocating in sniper mode, zoomed in, via a controller on PC,


whatever else functions pretty well, yet not worth it IMO, i"ve tried it out before -


the ideal thing is just to acquire offered to using mouse & key-board. WoT was the first game l really played on PC, and also the muscle memory does come, and then you"ll never before want to go earlier to a controller , trust me


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Ok i"ll take your advice and put up through being terible and i"ll hope that i gain much better. But just out of interest why is it

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The_Gearinator, on 07 May 2014 - 11:34 PM, said:

Ok i"ll take your advice and put up with being terible and also i"ll hope that i acquire much better. But simply out of interest why is it

Due to the fact that you have actually means even more control about your recticle and aim with a computer mouse then via a controler stick. If you ever before played FPS on console and also PC you will certainly recognize the distinction. Every poor player with a computer mouse will hit better then a player who is great via a controler, at leastern from my expirience and you would certainly be in a huge disadvantage compared to players through a computer mouse. But if you do excellent via a controler usage it, tbelow are some excellent players that usage controlers out there.