World of tanks will not launch

As pointed out, the game will no much longer launch. Whether I run the game from the WoT launcher, or from the .exe file in my folder, the result is the same. The initial WoT loading display shows up, the development bar begins, then the totality thing shuts down about a quarter to a third of the method through, sending me ago to my desktop computer through no indication what is wrong.

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This is extremely frustrating. I have actually unset up, the re-mounted the game 3 times so much, to no avail. I have the firewall exemption set up. I perform not have actually any kind of mods running on the game, so I cannot watch just how that might be an problem.


Can anyone market some advice? I am absent out on the whole Christmas area thingy.

heavymetal1967 #2Posted Jan 06 2020 - 17:42



They changed it awhile back. You have to use the WGC to upday the game now.


As long as you"re updated you have the right to still launch from the records if that"s your choice. I don"t think the launcher functions at all anyeven more, though tbh I"m not sure.


If you"re not updated and also try to launch from the records you"ll get an error.


You deserve to also just close out or leave the WGC after you launch via it too.


Good luck.



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Fappy_Camper #3Posted Jan 06 2020 - 17:55


HM "67, I appreciate you taking the moment to respond...yet the problem persists. The game drops off whether I launch from the WGC launcher, or the files themselves. 


 - I execute have actually the WGC installed, and also the game is as much as day. 

 - I likewise ran a mechanism needs test, which claims that while not a nuclear-powered machine, my computer DOES satisfy the criteria to run the game.

 - Windows 10 is totally updated.

 - Dirext X is totally updated.


Still super frustrated. 

Did something happen appropriate around the 23rd of December or so? 

Perhaps new operating mechanism needs or something?

Is tright here any kind of means to discover out WHY the game will not launch?


Thanks in advancement to anyone via information...


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AppleDaD6 #4Posted Jan 06 2020 - 18:05

First lieutenant

Have you tried launching in safe mode? Try this whether you have actually mods or not. 

corrado14 #5Posted Jan 06 2020 - 18:07

First lieutenant

Try clicking "game settings" on the Game Center launcher then click "inspect and also repair", watch if that resolves it for you.

heavymetal1967 #6Posted Jan 06 2020 - 18:16



We had actually an update on the 1nine and also another on the 2fourth. You deserve to inspect your upday background by clicking the bell icon in the WGC. You have to hover over them to brighten the text.


What the previous posters said. I"d start with SAFE mode first. While in settings go ahead and also include a firewall exception. Some time earlier I had concerns and also had actually to re-add an exemption.


If those do not job-related attempt this, BUT if for some reason you do not remember your password and can not reset it (shed email, can"t adjust cell phone number, and so on..) then don"t execute it as it will certainly clear out any kind of "remember me" indevelopment. It will additionally recollection all your game settings to default, so you"ll have to go earlier and also re-customize any point various. This will certainly perform this for all WoT accounts on that computer system. 


Type %appdata% in your windows search bar. It"ll open up up a Roaming folder. In it will certainly be a folder. Inside of it delete the World of Tanks folder. You deserve to always ago that folder up as well.


Good luck.



PuddleSplasher #7Posted Jan 06 2020 - 18:25


Easiest method to launching your game is to follow the WG rules (also if you do not agree).


Then as was suggested above, you have the right to launch from your shortcut.




heavymetal1967 #8Posted Jan 06 2020 - 18:35


Hopetotally those aid OP. If not I"d check these and also if nopoint helps or no one else posts with anything else then I"d file a ticket.


If you do cite the measures you"ve done above as they"ll likely repeat some or every one of them. It"ll conserve some back and forth time. They"ll certainly ask about mods.


Also they"ll most likely want a WGCheck report. Attaching one up front have to rate up the process.


Aget good luck.


Fappy_Camper #9Posted Jan 09 2020 - 20:09


Thanks to everyone that responded.


I tried absolutely every little thing - then provided that I am running a Radeon 4200 series graphics card, and the recommfinished one is a 4500. Is this my issue?


Again, as discussed, my game was running just fine ideal up until the 2third or so of December. Is there any kind of method to uncover out if the video card demands went up on the December 24th update?


Thanks again in development...

anarkey51 #10Posted Jan 12 2020 - 23:10


I have actually the same problem ,,,did you ever acquire it fixed?? 

WR104 #11Posted Jan 14 2020 - 04:39


Ever considering that 1.7 I"ve heard players that have the Radeon 4200 series graphics card are effected by this including me.

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