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The MK540 Modern is an instantly acquainted wireless keyboard and also computer mouse combo developed for precision, comfort, and relicapability. The full-size key-board attributes a acquainted key form, size, and feeling – and also the contoured and also ambidextrous mouse has actually been designed to fit comfortably right into either palm.



Connect your keyboard and mouse via one tiny vr-tab-quebec.comnology Unifying™ USB receiver. You’ll obtain a trustworthy – and also encrypted – wireless link as much as 10 meters away through practically no delays or dropouts.



The secrets have actually been optimized for boosted accuracy and decreased noise – and also your fingers will immediately feel at home on the acquainted crucial surconfront and layout. The palm remainder and also adjusecure tilt legs keep you comfortable for lengthy stretches at the desk.



The wiremuch less mouse’s contoured form and soft rubber side grips are designed to fit comfortably in either your right or left palm – and magnified tracking and precise cursor manage keep you in command.

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Convenient and vital warm secrets provide you direct accessibility a media, calculator and battery check functions. Precollection Fn secrets deserve to also be personalized in vr-tab-quebec.com Options to meet your certain needs.


Your keyboard won’t need brand-new batteries for 36 months and your computer mouse continues to be powered for 18 months. The keyboard is spill resistant to 60ml of liquid and abrasion resistant crucial printing ensures your secrets won’t quickly fade. Keyboard battery life calculation based on an approximated two million keystrokes/year in an office setting. User experience might differ. Mousage battery life may vary based on user and computing problems.


Simple, effective tools that supply real work-related victories — even at house. Complete your setup via the best keyboard, mouse, headcollection, and webcamera for better inputting and navigating, plus superior audio and also video—so you have the right to overcome just around any kind of task from residence.

Keyboard Height: 7.62 in (193.5 mm) Width: 18.00 in (457.3 mm) Depth: 0.94 in (24 mm) Weight: 28.40 oz (805 g)
Mousage Height: 2.43 in (61.8 mm) Width: 1.54 in (39.2 mm) Depth: 0.45 in (11.5 mm) Weight: 2.59 oz (73.5 g)
WiFi variety (in meters): 393.7 in (10m) Wiremuch less selection may vary as a result of ecological and also computer conditions.
Keyboard Familiar crucial shape and also feel, whisper-quiet Flexible height: 3 tilt positions (organic, 4°, and also 8°) Special Keys: Music Controls, Programmable tricks Palm Rest Abrasion resistant vital print 10-Key Number pad Key type: Deep profile On/Off power switch Caps lock indicator light Battery indicator light 2 AA batteries (Alkaline Battery)
Mouse Sensor technology: Smooth Optical Tracking Number of buttons: 3 (Left/Right-click, Middle click) Scrolling: line-by-line Scroll Wheel: Yes, 2D, optical Connect/Power: On/Off power switch 1 AA battery (Alkaline Battery)
Wiremuch less Keyboard K540 Wireless Mousage M310 vr-tab-quebec.com Unifying™ receiver 3 AA alkaline batteries (pre-installed) User documentation

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With more than 22 years experience designing high-high quality keyboards and also mice, we carefully design, build, protoform, and also examine all the necessary components of our gadgets, from the core innovations to the comfort and ergonomics of their architecture.

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We strive to administer each individual with their appropriate keying and also navigating endure, according to their stature, lifestyle and deskspace.