Windowsupdate_c1900101" "windowsupdate_dt000"

HI, i was traying to upday to Windows 10 but i couldn"t. it tell me that the upday fail bereason of the error C1900101. what have the right to i do?

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Replied on March 21, 2015
In reply to Benjamin Veleta's short article on March 16, 2015

I am gaining the very same error. 0xC1900101-0x30017 I also gain this using the ISO photo.

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I am running a Toshiba X500-Q8104 lapoptimal and also my existing develop is 9926.

I additionally got this on my last upday, and also had to perform a complete reinstall then.

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Replied on March 24, 2015
In reply to NebulaSleuth's short article on March 21, 2015

Read these messages from bottom to peak, since I"ve added the updays to this message on top.

Today I successfullymounted (using the ISO disc for installation) Build 10074.

The update functioned perfectly, and also I had done nopoint since the last attempt via Build 10041 which constantly faicaused upday build 9926.

I"ve been making use of construct 9926 through updays disabled for this month of April 2015 (per notations below) without any type of events or problems - various other than the reality that the updays to new builds failed.

Now points are fine.

Whatever before was the root problem, I do not know. But it went amethod (in result I skipped all updays between the attempted build 10041 until this particular day at construct 10074).

I"ve had to disable Windows Update.

This continuous retrying to install a windows update in a perpetual loop is insane.

If tbelow are points open (such as Outlook, Excel, and so on.) - it ssuggest decides to install the update and close every little thing.

And forever (meaning eextremely day, eexceptionally night, whenever before the PC is idle for a duration of time, it tries aget.

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One would think that after three or four attempts - and also then STOP the update process till something transforms.

Remember this famous quote:

“Insanity is doing the exact same thing, over and over again, however expecting different outcomes.”

I get C1900101-0x4000D.

This upgrade to Build 10041 has actually failed at least 25 times, by the upday process (on to Build 9926) and also utilizing an ISO DVD.

I will certainly NOT repeat everything I tried, but the areas that seems the many considerable.

First off, a "dir /al /s" shows a long list of "JUNCTION" points (aka reparse points).

I prospered in gaining rid of all of them except: "Content.IE5", and also "Recent".

A short sampling of a few that I can gain rid of: "Application Data" found in "C:usersmyusernameAppDataRoaming"; "Cookies" in "...AppDataLocalvr-tab-quebec.comWindowsINetCookies", and also 12 more entries the same in that they are all in AppData, down to some miscellaneous depths of the file tree framework.

One CURIOUS thing is that I might not do a typical Image Back-up (which did work-related fine after Build 9926 was initially installed), until I connected a HDD that was first Diskcomponent ---> "Clean All" (which of course runs for many kind of hours on a 1 TB drive). Without the "Clean All", for some reason, whether having supplied formatting the disk, or deleting all partitions, I can not install from the Image Backup --> till the "Clean All" was run..

Then the Image backup (of Build 9926) flourished. I then took the ISO of build 10041 and offered it to apply the Image backas much as this "clean all" 1TB HDD. That worked to redevelop the Build 9926 from the photo backup that had actually worked as prior to and also as described.

With the new "C" drive (which is Build 9926) on this HDD, I then ran the Build 10041 ISO versus it, and aacquire, we finish up via C1900101-0x4000D.

Went ago and also let it carry out it through Windows Update to take me to Build 10041 and it failed as usual.

I"ve tried just around everything suggested by others that I can uncover, consisting of shutting down all however solutions in msconfig, and then did the "safeboot minimal". Aobtain, same update faiattract as all others attempts

I did not attempt an easy clean instevery one of the Build 10041, because I have little bit interest in recreating my entire setting from scrape. This difficulty MUST be solvable, if we deserve to obtain an experienced to tell us what to perform. The Build 10041 runs to what appears choose completion - but then it terminates on its restarts via the C1900101-0x4000D error (and reverts back to Build 9926 as expected).

Please do not make guesses if you reply as so many type of human being seem to prefer to prmarket wild guesses in many kind of situations - I don"t have to start via "checking to make certain the system is plugged in" --- Responses are appreciated by those that have actually actually SOLVED this (or similar) trouble. Or a programmer that KNOWS the code bring about this trouble.

I can not think of anything I can have actually done to create the trouble or anything I"ve used that I haven"t offered for a lengthy time on Windows 7 and also Windows 8.

Thanks for listening.

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PS This is a ASUS Crosshair V Formula X via an AMD FX9590 and a Radeon (by Sapphire) HD 5870 video card.