Windows shell common dll has stopped working recording devices

when attempting to click any type of default recording tool in audio gadgets, i acquire a crash report telling me that "home windows shell common dll has stopped functioning." i'm able to click and edit any kind of of the various other devices (even default playearlier devices), yet as soon as i try to click on my default recording device, it instantly crashes. here's a gif to assist you visualize what's going on.

open playback devices > go to recording tab > click on microphone: realtek high meaning audio (which is my default recording device) > crash.

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according to device manager, my vehicle drivers are up to day, yet i've tried re-installing the audio driver uncovered here: . i've noticed that once installing those audio motorists, it installs an x64 variation which i'm sensibly certain is 32-bit. would it make a distinction if i set up a 64-little bit variation (if i knew how)? i've tried manually uninstalling audio drivers, yet they magically reappear upon rebegin. this copy of home windows is fresh (1 day old) and i'm fairly particular i've had this problem before, however i have no principle exactly how i resolved it.

the settle is to go enter recording settings in the manage panel. it's manage panel > hardware and also sound > sound. now you must have the ability to edit it and you won't encounter anyeven more dll errors. here's a gif, showing you exactly how to carry out it


Boot into safe mode>Open command also prompt>Enter this command: "sfc /scannow"

If that doesn't occupational is there a system reclaim allude you deserve to revert to? (Something recent)

As for the X64 or 32-little bit versions. It depends on the OS/CPU you have. Check: Control PanelSystem and also SecuritySystem - Under System form or RUN>msinfo32>See - System kind. If it has a x64 or 64-little bit - It suggests your OS is 64 little bit - Ideally it's faster/better. 32 bit is offered more for "lower spec computer" "Slower/older"

i've ran sfc /scannow a couple times without it detecing difficulties. although i haven't done it in safe mode yet. i guess i'll attempt that now.

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i deserve to reclaim to yesterday, although that's probably simply after i mounted windows (and i really don't desire to spfinish the extra hours re-installing all of my programs again)

i'm definitely running a 64 little bit OS (you have the right to check the speccy), however x64 = 32 little bit and also x86 = 64 bit, right? because once i install the audio vehicle drivers, i'm installing "Realtek High Definition Audio Driver x64" although as soon as i examine device manager, i'm running driver version "10.0.15063.502"

x64 is a 64 bits (x86 is 32 bits). Try installing the latest HD audio driver from the Realtek support website.

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I'd simply begin uninstall in stuff beginning through stuff to carry out via audio recording: Better Discord, Discord, OSU, OBS

Also did you use CCleaner to clean the registry? If so that could've actually brought about the difficulty (which is part of why CCleaner makes backups).


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