Windows phone not connecting to wifi

My Lumia 925 is able to identify all Wi-Fi netfunctions in the vicinity as soon as I switch on the Wi-Fi. However before, it is not able to connect to any kind of netjob-related once I attempt. it says: "Can"t attach to this Wi-Fi network-related currently, attempt aobtain later". It has been doing this for 2 weeks currently. For a year my phone was able to attach to my home Wi-Fi and various other Wi-Fi networks without any type of problems. How can I settle this?



I likewise endure the same problem on my Lumia 930 which I bought in April 2015.

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Turning the WiFi off and on solves the worry.

Hopefully when we upgrade to the latest OS this issue will certainly be eliminated.

Had a Lumia 520 prior to this one and I was not suffering any concerns.

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I"ve had actually the very same difficulty from time to time with my Lumia 920 and also then later through my 930. Turning wifi off and on doesn"t seem to resolve it.

To solve this, normally I uncovered that powering off and then starting aget would permit connection.

Annoying, yes. I do not recognize why, yet it may be somepoint in one of the OS upgrades. Did you upgrade your Windows 8.1 OS shortly before these problems started? Hopetotally a future OS upgrade will certainly remove this trouble.

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Same here sees wifi yet will certainly not attach trying tough power down currently and see if it comes up after that.

Powered down

Wait to kind this entry

Powering up

YES it"s connected

WARNING - I have had actually previously temp drop outs so if it happens to you indicate you execute as over before it becomes a firm problem


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