Windows phone my family setup needed

Microsoft has always had actually a penchant for household security. Whether it was the COMPUTER, the Xbox, or Zune, you’re many likely to uncover a feature that involves surveillance and also controlling what type of indevelopment the kids have the right to get accessibility to. Windows Phone 8 is no exemption either. The My Family function in Windows lets you add your youngsters to the Windows Phone webwebsite and also then select what kind of apps and games they deserve to downfill and also reap on their Windows phone.

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Windows Phone My Family Setup

Windows Phone My Family setup will should understand the Microsoft account email deal with and password of your youngsters. If you have actually simply bought your kid a Windows Phone 8 and also want to have the ability to restrict what stuff they download from the Windows App Store, here’s what you have to do. Psst…You can erected this function also if you don’t very own a Windows Phone.

On your computer, head over to the Windows Phone webwebsite. Sign in by using your Microsoft credentials. If you don’t have actually a Microsoft account, you deserve to create one right ameans.


Once you reach the My Family web page, click Get Started to start the setup. You will certainly be taken to the My Kid page where you deserve to add your youngsters account. Click Go. On the next page, you need to sign in with your kids’ Microsoft credentials. If your child doesn’t have actually a Microsoft account, you can simply go ahead and also create an account on that display screen.

Once your kid’s name is included to the web page, you will must click the Fix It link below the name and also accept the Windows Phone Store Terms of Use. Your child will certainly now be able to download apps and also games from the Windows Store.

If you desire to allow your kid accessibility to Xbox games, head over to on your internet browser, sign in via your child’s Microsoft credentials and then go on to accept the Xbox Terms of Use.

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Now you are prepared to use the application settings. Just click Change Settings next to the name and also pick one of 3 options to enable accessibility.

Allow free and paidAllow complimentary only (This will certainly restrict the boy from making IAPs within the free games too.)Don’t permit.

You deserve to also set a rating for games that you desire the child to have the ability to downfill onto their phone, including the alternative to enable your kid to download unrated games. You’ll have to rotate on the Game rating filter to view the rating settings.


That’s it. You deserve to follow the same steps outlined in this tutorial to include various other youngsters to the My Family page.

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The My Family attribute in Windows Phone 8 looks to be a mighty useful tool to save your kids safe from the temptations of spfinishing and viewing stuff that are harmful for them.

Have you created your Windows Phone Family account feature? How efficient has actually it remained in managing your kids application downloads?

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