Windows movie maker not enough memory

Whenever I attempt to save among my movies a small little bit into the save process it stops and also says I perform not have actually sufficient memory attempt aobtain with a lower resolution. I"ve tried eexceptionally resolution and bit price and also it still doesnt occupational. I am practically positive its not my computer hardware. I have actually a 3rd Gen i7 (1.9GHz), 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD (90 GB Free), and also Intel HD 4000 Graphics. The movie when conserved should be no more than 200 MB so i do not recognize what the difficulty is. If I deserve to usage a full Autodesk/AutoCADVERTISEMENT suite to make components and perform 3D renderings, im sure my computer must have the ability to handle a slideshow of stills.

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Initial title: Windows Movie Maker Error- Not enough disk space

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Replied on October 20, 2014


Movie Maker

There isn’t sufficient memory available to conserve this file. Try saving it at a reduced resolution.

I am making use of Movie Maker 2012 through Windows 7 Professional on an HP Pavilion dv6 notebook via 4 gigs of memory and an Intel Q720 processor at 1.6 Ghz.

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My videos are .MOV files from a Canon PowerSwarm SX260 HS electronic camera.

This error has actually developed numerous times on numerous projects. The tasks are conserved and the error is replicable each time I tried to conserve the relocate in High Resolution (HD: 1920x1080). The error occurs at the exact same portion on the progression bar, upon replication of the difficulty. Increasing the size of the Windows swap file renders no distinction. While the movie is being rendered (before the error occurs) Task Manager shows CPU usage at 80%+ and the memory use rises practically lipractically through time until 4 gigs are offered. Then the memory usage continues to be at 4 gigs, the CPU drops to close to 0, and after a few minutes the error appears. The movies have the right to be conserved properly at “Computer” resolution (854x480) and also the memory usage never went above 1.55 GB.

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I can repeat the error via a solitary .MOV video of size 47 seconds. I saved the task through simply this single video. The error is replicable through this long video at 26% finish. I then separation that video, without shortening the complete video, using the Split edit command. The movie have the right to currently be saved. To clarify, I did not shorten or edit the video, except to add a split at the 21 second point. The movie makes successfully from this separation video, and the memory use never before went above 1.55 GB.