Windows media player network sharing service virus

Wondering why wmpnetwk.exe process always shows up running in Task Manager which regime it relates to? have the right to this be trusted process or virus? how to disable it if it consumes also much of mechanism resources?.

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Wmpnetwk.exe is concerned Windows Media Player 10 in Windows 7, in fact, it’s a component of WMP 10 used to share media libraries. This procedure is from Microsoft, can be trusted and also its not a virus! Before acquiring into details of disabling it, why its tbelow running on your Computer and also for what sake? Here is the explanation.


Location of wmpnetwk.exe process

Wmpnetwk.exe process is Windows Media Player Netjob-related Sharing Service “shares WMP libraries to other netfunctioned players and also media gadgets using Universal plug and also play”. wmpnetwk.exe process situated in C:Program FilesWindows Media Player in your Computer.


Disabling wmpnetwk.exe

If you don’t require sharing of WMP libraries for the devices on the network, you have the right to disable this process, right here is how.

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1. For that, use Success +R command also to bring up run dialog, form Services.msc and also push enter.

2. Scroll down to Windows Media Player Netoccupational Sharing Service, right-click it and also Speak it. Now double click on this service, choose and also set its Startup kind to disabled.


That’s it! Wmpnetwk.exe process won’t shows up in Task Manager from currently on.

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November 25, 2016 at 11:10 am

FANTASTIC!!! Thank you SO much. That has been a thorn in my typing fingers for…EVER! You people RULE. 5 1/2 stars

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