Windows media player hide controls while paused

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With RealPlayer in full-display screen mode the controls are covert, even once pasupplied, so screen shots can be taken without the controls appearing in the image. In Windows Media Player, the controls disshow up once in play yet immediately re-show up as soon as the clip is paprovided. Can WMP be made to hide the controls as soon as in pausage mode, like in RealPlayer?
Shelley,Start WMP and go right into complete display screen mode via your movie, while in complete screen mode, appropriate click through your mouse anywhere on the movie and pick Pausage, this will save the controls covert from the display screen and also you will have the ability to take your screenswarm. This was done making use of Media Player 9, so you might have to upgrade relying on your variation.

Ok, that works the same as as soon as using the buttons, only not quite as you define. If the video is playing in complete screen mode then any kind of activity through the mouse causes the panel to re-show up. However, if you click the pause button and instantly relocate the cursor right into the photo area and also leave it there, then the panel ultimately rolls back to display a full display. But you only have around 2 seconds prior to the panel rolls back into view. I was hoping tright here was a method of rolling it back until I was all set to re-activate it. I have actually variation 9.
Thats odd. Perhaps we have various system settings; but, try this. Open your video, enter complete display screen mode by pushing Alt-Enter and then to pausage push Ctrl-P, this should do the trick, bereason tright here is no mouse motion involved. If not examine your options for Media Player, and look for Auto-Hide or anything realted to menu bars reflecting or hiding. Let me know how it functions out.

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Ok, I lastly acquired about to trying this. The result is the very same as before. Alt-Enter offers a complete screen as you say yet as soon as I touch the keys for Ctl-P the controls come ago. If I leave it for a couple of secs the controls then roll back, yet only for a second. It"s very weird. I noticed that to gain the controls to roll back on complete display the curser hregarding be within the photo location. If the mouse is not in the photo location the controls reprimary visible all the moment. Is this just how it works for you?
StatusThis thread has actually been Locked and is not open up to even more replies. Please start a New Thread if you"re having actually a comparable problem. View our Welcome Guide to learn how to use this site.

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