Windows media player cannot access the file

Microsoft has not updated Windows Media Player in periods, however it’s still around in Windows 10 and is just as rapid, fluid, and snappy as ever before. It isn’t without concerns, though. Sometimes, you might finish up with a “Windows Media Player cannot play the file” error message while attempting to play an audio or video file.

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Normally, that happens once Windows Media Player lacks the codecs compelled to decode certain media record forms. Several other reasons, such as outdated codecs and also obsolete hardware motorists, can also cause problems. The troubleshooting tips that follow should aid you resolve the “Windows Media Player cannot play the file” error.


5. Select Apply and also OK to save your changes.

Try playing an audio or video file and also view if that assisted.

4. Upday Audio and also Video Drivers

Outdated audio and also video chauffeurs have the right to create all sorts of worries while playing music and video records in Windows Media Player and also other multimedia players in general. If you continue to acquire a “Windows Media Player cannot play the file” error, try updating them.

Update Audio Drivers

1. Right-click the Start food selection and pick Device Manager.

2. Expand also the Sound, video and also game controllers section.

3. Right-click the audio tool and also choose Update driver.

4. Select the Search immediately for drivers option to downpack and also install the latest audio drivers.

5. Upday any kind of various other audio gadgets within the expanded area.

Update Video Drivers

1. Expand also the Display Adapters area within the Device Manager.

2. Right-click the video device and also pick Upday driver.

3. Select the Search immediately for drivers alternative to downpack and also install the latest video drivers.

4. Repeat for any kind of other video tools under Display Adapters.

Tip: If the Device Manager falls short to update your audio or video motorists, usage a driver updater tool for the job rather.

5. Update Windows 10

The latest Windows updays not only come via function enhancements, but they additionally help solve software-connected worries that prevent your computer from functioning correctly. If you haven’t updated Windows 10 in a while, attempt doing that currently.

1. Open the Start menu and also select Settings.

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2. Select Upday & Security and switch to the Windows Update tab.

3. Select Check for updates.

If you view any type of updays, pick Downpack and install or Install now. Additionally, select View optional updates (if you check out the option) and apply easily accessible any kind of provided audio and video gadget updates.

6. Disable/Enable WMP

Still having concerns with the “Windows Media Player cannot play the file” error? Try reinstalling Windows Media Player. Due to the fact that the regime is a integrated Windows 10 component, you should usage the Windows Features panel to remove and also include it ago.

1. Open the Start food selection, form revolve home windows features on or off, and pick Open.

2. Scroll down and expand also Media Features.

3. Uncheck the box alongside Windows Media Player and also pick OK to remove the Windows Media Player.

4. Rebegin your computer system.

5. Re-open the Windows Features box, inspect package beside Windows Media Player, and pick OK to reinstall the Windows Media Player.

7. Check Windows Registry

The Windows Regisattempt has a collection of specific entries that the Windows Media Player regularly counts on to play audio and video documents. Check if the values within those entries are correct. We recommfinish that you make a backup of the Windows Regisattempt prior to going ahead.

1. Press Windows+R to open up the Run box. Then, kind regmodify and select OK.

2. Copy and paste the following course right into the resolve bar to the optimal of the Regisattempt Editor window:


3. Press Enter.

4. Make certain that the 083863F1-70DE-11d0-BD40-00A0C911CE86 folder is selected on the left-side navigation pane.

5. Confirm that the adhering to registry entries contain the values detailed below:

CLSID — 083863F1-70DE-11d0-BD40-00A0C911CE86FriendlyName — DirectSjust how FiltersMerit — 00600000

If you check out a various value in a regisattempt entry, you must modify it. To do that, right-click the enattempt, choose Modify, change the values to the ones shown above, and also select OK.

8. Use a Different Media Player

The audio or video format that you’re attempting to play might be entirely incompatible with Windows Media Player. Try utilizing an alternative multimedia player for file types that reason the “Windows Media Player cannot play the file” error to show up. Options include the built-in Movies & TV application in Windows 10, Media Player Standard (which comes with the K-Lite Codec Pack), and also the VLC media player.

9. Reset Windows 10

Do you keep acquiring the “Windows Media Player cannot play the file” error virtually all the time? You have the right to attempt resetting Windows 10 to its manufacturing facility defaults. That may finish up solving any corrupt settings or various other underlying worries staying clear of Windows Media Player from functioning correctly.

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To initiate an operating system reset, head over to Start > Setups > Upday & Recovery > Recovery. You have the right to choose to store your data intact throughout the recollection procedure, but make certain to create a backup of your information beforehand also.