Windows embedded posready 2009 product key

I downloaded Windows Embedded Standard 2009 from my MSDN subscription and constructed a target image. I installed the picture on an HP thin client.

The thin client says that I have actually and review copy. How deserve to I activate Windows and also rerelocate the "evaluation copy" text?

For instance, I don"t have access to the internet I would certainly prefer develop in tarobtain designer not evaluation copy.

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According to this document, it does not require activation, however only to have the essential entered:

If you collection it up utilizing a trial key (as I suspect is the actual problem), you deserve to adjust it to your MSDN vital at an elevated command prompt utilizing the adhering to command:

slmgr.vbs /ipk New_Product_Key


This Microsoft short article includes two VBS scripts for activating Windows XP. The previous one, originally designed for Windows XP SP1 and previously, uncovered to be compatible through Windows POSReady 2009. That is, ChangeVLKey2600.vbs,

" " WMI Script - ChangeVLKey.vbs"" This manuscript transforms the product essential on the computer""***************************************************************************ON ERROR RESUME NEXTif Wscript.debates.count 0 then WScript.Echo Err.Description, "0x" & Hex(Err.Number) Err.Clear finish ifNext Just run the script and carry out it via a valid POSReady 2009 vital. From right here, for example. Then reboot the machine and also the timebomb must disappear


You cannot use the Product Key that you supplied for installation of Windows Embedded Standard 2009. You have to enter the PID from the stickers that you gain for placing on the tarobtain computers. In addition to the license for Windows Embedded Standard 2009, you need a license for each targain computer. Your distributor have to be able to aid you.

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