Windows display driver stopped responding windows 10

Just began 2 months ago, whenever before I quit a game or switch to desktop from within a game the display screen goes black. Sometimes it comes earlier after a couple of seconds with the message "Display driver stopped responding and also has actually recovered", occasionally it doesn"t come ago and I have to perform a difficult reset. My screen driver is current, I"ve run Display Driver Unistaller and did a clean install of the driver and the trouble persists. I"ve also ran Memtest86 to check for a memory error and no errors were reported.

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My device specs are

Intel i5 3570K

Asrock Pro4M motherboard



Windows 10 Pro

Any assist would be substantially appreciated as this is start to be a major annoyance, many thanks in development.

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I have the exact same question (240)
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A. User
Replied on September 9, 2015

Hi Duane,

Welinvolved Community.

I understand also your worry and also will aid you to fix this problem.

Before we proceed, I require more indevelopment to help you better.

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Have you made any type of current changes to the computer prior to the issue?

Method1: I indicate you to upday drivers and check if that helps. If that issue persist please uninstall and reinstall latest motorists easily accessible in manufacturer website.1.Press “Windows + X” and also select Device manger.2.Select Display Adapter and also expand also the driver icon.3.Right click on the driver symbol and also click Upday.4.Follow the ondisplay instructions to update the driver.

Follow this attach and download the driver from the website.

Method 2::Compatibility modeI would indicate you to install the latest easily accessible drivers on manufacturer"s website in compatibility mode.Follow the measures listed below on exactly how to install driver in compatibility mode:1. Download the driver from the manufacturer’s webwebsite and save it on your local disk.2. Right click the setup file of the driver and pick “Properties”.3. Select “Compatibility” Tab. 4. Place a inspect note beside “Run this regimen in Compatibility mode” and also select operating device from the drop dvery own list.5. Let the driver install and then examine the usability.

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Method3: If the concerns persist, Clean Boot the system and also inspect if that helps.

A clean boot is perdeveloped to start Windows by utilizing a minimal collection of motorists and startup programs. This helps get rid of software problems that take place as soon as you install a regime or an upday or when you run a program in Windows.Follow: After troubleshooting, refer to this section "How to reset the computer to start commonly after clean boot troubleshooting."

Hope this helps. If the worry stays unrefixed, please gain ago to us and also we would be happy to help