Windows could not parse or process the unattend answer file for pass specialize

Which of the adhering to retains the information it's storing as soon as the device power is turned off?

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Okay, so i"ve been tearing my hair out for the last couple of months trying to acquire MDT 2012 to play nice!

I have a default windows 7 picture loaded right into it together with some applications and also it all works great. Only problem is, that certain picture is missing virtually 200 patches which takes hrs to download and also install whenever I have to roll out a new workstation to someone (which is regular at the moment as we"re a thriving agency - virtually 20 brand-new employees in the last month and a half!)

The apparent way roughly this is to update the windows image so after reviewing some choices (frankly, really have the right to not be bothered with trying to mess roughly with WSUS) I made a decision on going for a full MDT involved process so importing a windows 7 image, creating a sysprep and also capture task using that photo and tweaking the unattfinish.xml so it runs the pre and write-up install windows updater. Had a couple of hitches however got this functioning and almost 6 hours later, as if by magic I have actually a lovely brand-new .wim which need to be completely as much as date (I didnt install any applications on the litetouch deployment). What I proceed to perform next is import that .wim into MDT as a brand-new OS (making use of the custom .wim option), develop a brand-new job sequence that doesnt specify a MAK vital or anything - Just a nice plain straightforward home windows deployment via an admin account and password simply to use as a PoC.

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So via every little thing put up and also ready I update the deployment share and fire up the deployment VM in vspright here...Everything lots up as supposed, the brand-new job is in tright here, I tell it to remain off the domajor, I dont pick any kind of applications to go via it - Just want to save it basic. It runs off and also installs windows and gets to "using system settings" and I get that dreaded error.

I"ve taken a look at the minintosdsmsosdlogsdd.log and also theres nopoint certain in there so I checked the windowspanthersetupact.log and also it provides me this:

Now, I had actually a similar concern to his before but it failed at the setting up display part of the installation yet that gave a slight different error. Interelaxing point tbelow was that it additionally controlled to bone the original picture I use several times a month with no problems what so ever. Read somewbelow that theres option for MediaCenter that demands to be unchecked in the unattfinish.xml - this is totally greyed out so its not that.Anymeans, that left my whole MDT/WDS system completely borked and also useless so I recovered to an previously ago up and started aobtain however seem to have finished up appropriate back where I started!

Anymeans, this is the unattfinish file. If anyone has actually any suggestions im all ears - This is driving me nuts!