Windows could not finish configuring the system windows 7

I have actually honestly had the worst two weeks of my life through this 50 lapoptimal deployment utilizing imperiods. Granted, I have never before done it prior to using images; but, I am commonly pretty quick on picking up on things and most of the concerns I have had actually are points I wouldn"t have recognized ahead of time.

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So, I am attempting to run SYSPREP on a maker. (Windows 7 Pro). Seems favor all goes well, till it reboots and starts ago up and also then I get an error that states ""Windows Could Not Finish Configuring the System.." throughout the starting solutions stage.

I have searched the internet and also discovered loads of human being this trouble, and tons of suggestions - none of which are "official" or also relatively cshed to instances that I am in.

It appears that in some instances Kapersky has somepoint to do with this; but, I am not running Kapersky. I execute have actually some 3rd part applications install, such as FortiClient (which is my Virus/Firewall). VZ Access Manager for the integrated 3G card, Office 2010 Starter, among a few other things (such as SonicWall NetExtender, etc.)

Here is the problem, just how in the human being have the right to I figure out which application is leading to this difficulty (or what else can be bring about this problem?) I am sure tbelow is log documents in the Panther folder, but problem is, I cannot access them. I check out that you might accessibility these papers in a WinPE setting, which I am trying to setup now. Only difficulty below is that I deserve to read exactly how to set it up using WAIK, however have no concept exactly how to actually use it to get into log records to watch what the trouble is.

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Hi. Realizing that the answer has actually currently been noted, I wanted to share what I discovered via respect to this difficulty, bereason in my situation I was able to rescue the system without reinstalling.

I found this article: and also it pointed out founding up with a WinPE based USB thumb drive. I did a lot of of what it sassist, however the procedures I followed were these:

Boot the affected system. When the error message comes up in the time of the "starting services" phase, push Shift+F10 to open up a CMD window.CD C:WindowsPanther to navigate to the folder wright here the logs are.

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Notepad logfile.csv will open up the log file.In Notepad, search for fail or failed, because what you"re (in my case) searching for is "Faibrought about process reg crucial or one of it"s decendants". Note the registry key(s) discussed. In my case it was a number of secrets under one branch.Back in the command home window, regedit opens the regisattempt editor and also you can navigate to the place wright here the error lies.On the off opportunity those entries were vital later on, I exported that one branch of the registry, conserving it in the root folder of C:.Delete the impacted vital and reboot.
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