Windows cannot find make sure you typed the name correctly


Many type of civilization report that they have actually obtained the error message - “Windows cannot find” or “Windows cannot find. Make sure you typed the name properly, and then attempt again” as soon as they try to open an application. If you are among them, review this write-up from MiniDevice to uncover some techniques to settle it.

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When you open File Explorer by pushing the Windows and E hotessential at the very same time, the “Windows cannot find” error may show up. It can additionally exist once you open an application. Now, you have the right to uncover some fixes to get rid of it. Keep on your analysis.

Method 1: Select the This COMPUTER Option in Documents Explorer

First, you have the right to resolve the Windows cannot discover file error by selecting the This COMPUTER choice in File Explorer. You have the right to follow the actions below:

Tip 1: Type Documents Explorer in the Search menu to open up it. Then, click the View tab.

Step 2: Click the Options button, and pick Change folder and also search options.

Tip 3: Select This PC from the Open Documents Explorer to the drop-down food selection and also click OK.


Then, you deserve to inspect to check out if the Windows cannot find file Windows 10 error has been resolved. If not, you have the right to attempt the following techniques.


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Method 2: Re-register Windows 10 Applications

You can likewise try to re-register Windows 10 applications to deal with the “Windows cannot find” concern. The procedures are as follows:

Step 1: Open Task Manager and also click File > Run brand-new task to open up the home window directly below.

Step 2: Type Powershell in package and examine the Create this job through bureaucratic privileges box. Then click OK.

Tip 3: Input Get-AppXPackage | Foreach Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentSetting -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml” and press the Get in essential. Or you have the right to copy and paste it directly to protect against errors.

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After that, check to check out if the “Windows cannot find” problem has actually gone.


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Method 3: Run Windows Store App Troubleshooter

The Windows Store App troubleshooter can additionally assist deal with the “Windows cannot find” issue for apps. Now, follow the instructions below:

Tip 1: Press the Windows crucial + I crucial at the very same time to open the Settings application.

Tip 2: Click the Troubleshoot tab and also click the Windows Store Apps part. Then, click Run the troubleshooter.


Then, it will certainly start to troubleshoot and solve the issue. When it is finimelted, you deserve to check to check out if the “Windows cannot find” worry still exists. If it still exists, here is the last solution for you.

Method 4: Rename the Exe Files

Renaming the exe records is one resolution for “Windows cannot find” issue. Here is exactly how to that.

Tip 1: Browse to the folder place of the program that’s showing the “Windows cannot find” concern in Documents Explorer. If the software application has a desktop computer shortcut, you can right-click the symbol and also choose Open file location.

Tip 2: Select the program’s exe file in File Explorer, and also push the F2 key. Then form one more title for the file, and also press the Return vital. Then, the worry have to be fixed.

Final Words

How to resolve the “Windows cannot find” error in Windows 10? Now after reading this article, you know 4 techniques to eliminate it. Just pick one based on your actual cases to solve the annoying issue.

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