Windows can t stop your generic volume

Fixing Windows can’t speak your Generic volume device bereason a regimen is still utilizing it Error in Windows 10

Fixing Windows can’t soptimal your Generic volume gadget because a regime is still using it Error in Windows 10


One of the concerns through outside storage tools is that unplugging them best ameans without utilizing the “Safely Rerelocate Hardware” function is not safe and doing so can result in data corruption and information loss. However, in some situations, also when you usage the “Safely Remove Hardware” attribute, you could obtain an error that says:

“Windows can’t soptimal your ‘Generic volume’ tool bereason a regimen is still utilizing it. Close any kind of programs that could be making use of the device, and also then attempt aacquire later on.”

It is possible that the system is still using the exterior tool – for circumstances, a copy procedure could still be in progress, or Windows is still indexing the contents of the drive in the background or it could also be that the drive is not configured to be easily removed. To deal with this error, there are a couple of suggestions you deserve to try. You can attempt to cshed all the open programs and also file traveler windows, or you might likewise connumber the Device Removal Policy or readjust its file device to FAT32. In enhancement, you can likewise attempt to readjust its drive letter or use the DISKPART energy to obtain the drive to be offline or simply regulate the hogging procedure that prevents it from being safely rerelocated.

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Follow each among the given potential fixes below to resolve the error once utilizing the Safely Remove Hardware function.

Option 1 – Close all the open up programs and Documents Explorer windows

The first point you need to perform to settle the error is to cshed any open programs and also Data Explorer windows. This is because tbelow are some programs and File Explorer instances that might be using the outside gadget in the background which describes why you’re getting the error when you attempt to safely rerelocate your gadget.

Option 2 – Try to configure the Device Removal Policy

The following point you have the right to execute is to configure the Device Removal Policy. How? Refer to these steps:

Open File Explorer and also best click the drive where you encountered the error.Next off, choose Properties from the context menu.After that, navigate to the Hardware tab and pick the disk drive wright here you obtained the error under the “All disk drives” area.Then choose Properties under the Device Properties section. This will open up a new mini window and from there, pick Change Setups on the bottom percent of the home window.Now navigate to the Policies tab and pick the “Quick Removal (default)” alternative under the Removal Policy section.


Click on the OK and Apply butlots to save the transforms made and then view of the error is now addressed.

Option 3 – Try to manage the hogging process

You could also attempt managing the hogging procedure to eliminate the error.

Tap the Ctrl + Shift + Esc essential combination to open up the Task Manager.Then look for the running procedures and programs that are hogging your USB storage tool. If tbelow is a program that’s using your gadget, it will certainly hog on some Disk or CPU while delivering information and also connecting through the gadget which is why you’re getting an error once you safely remove the device.Next, pick the concerned processed and ideal click each among them and then select the End Task or End Process choice. You deserve to likewise restart the Explorer.exe procedure and check out if that helps.

Option 4 – Try to change the drive letters

Tap the Success + R tricks to open the Run energy and also then kind “diskmgmt.msc” in the field and click OK or tap Get in to open Disk Management.Next, look for your USB storage device making use of the drive letter that’s assigned to it. Right click on your gadget and also choose the “Change Drive Letter and also Paths…” choice.This will open up a mini home window and also from tbelow choose the drive letter you desire to adjust and also click the Change button.


After that, an additional smaller window will certainly show up where you’ll have to pick the new drive letter from the drop-down food selection.Click OK and if you obtained a warning prompt, simply click Yes.Now rebegin your computer system.

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Option 5 – Try using DISKPART energy to gain the drive to be offline

The following thing you have the right to try to deal with the concern is to usage DISKPART. Refer to the offered procedures listed below to perform so.

Tap the Success + R secrets to launch Run and also then form “cmd” in the area and tap Get in or click OK to open an elevated Command Prompt.Next, type and also enter this command to execute it: diskpartThe command you gone into will initiate the DISKPART utility. After that, kind and also enter this second command: list diskNext, form and enter this third command: list volume


The commands you just executed will certainly assist you in either listing all the Disks connects or all the partitions on those disks created and also from there, you need to pick one command depending upon the “list” command you gotten in. You can execute either of the 2 complying with commands:choose disk #select volume #After that, it will pick the Disk or Partition you want to select.Now kind either one of the following commands:offline disk #offline volume #The command also you gotten in will certainly note the schosen disk as Offline. Later on, try to safely remove your USB Storage tool. Just remember that as soon as you plug it ago in again, you need to carry out the same approach other than for the last given command also as this time you will need to enter either of these regulates in order to get your USB storage tool earlier online:digital disk #virtual volume #

Option 6 – Try to change the file system to FAT32

If you save obtaining this error on a particular USB gadget, you could have to format the disk and readjust its file device to FAT32. Make sure that you copy its contents safely into an additional place before you format the disk. Keep in mind that formatting the disk will certainly rerelocate all the contents of your drive.

Open Data Explorer and right click the drive wbelow you gained the error and also then select Format from the conmessage menu.Next, in the newly opened up mini home window, choose the FAT32 (Default) alternative from the drop-down menu under Documents System.


Now examine the Rapid Format checkbox and also then click on the Start switch to begin formatting your drive.

For various other system-associated problems, you could desire to inspect out a “one-click” solution known as Restoro. What provides Restoro better than various other mechanism utility devices or antivirus programs is that aside from helping you totally free up disk consumption and also memory in your computer system, it helps you in addressing whatever before problem your mechanism is encountering. Aside from that, it likewise cleans out your computer for any type of junk or corrupted files that assist you remove any type of undesirable documents from your mechanism. This is basically a solution that’s within your grasp through simply a click. It’s simple to use as it is user-friendly. For finish set of instructions in downloading and install and also making use of it, follow the measures listed below.

Perdevelop a complete system sdeserve to using Restoro. To do so, follow the instructions listed below.

Turn on your computer. If it’s already on, you have to reboot


After that, the BIOS display screen will be presented, but if Windows pops up rather, reboot your computer and also attempt aobtain. Once you’re on the BIOS screen, repeat pushing F8, by doing so the Advanced Option reflects up.To navigate the State-of-the-art Option use the arrow tricks and also pick Safe Mode with Netfunctioning then hitWindows will now fill the Safe Setting with Netfunctioning.Press and host both R essential and also Windows vital.

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If done properly, the Windows Run Box will display up.After that, it will certainly downfill the regimen. Wait for the downpack to finish and also then open up the launcher to install the routine.Once the installation procedure is completed, run Restoro to perform a full mechanism sdeserve to.