Windows 7 asking for product key

I bought with Windows 7 on it. Tbelow are some functions that ask for a product key. I have checked the # several times and uon entering it i get a prompt saying that this is an invalid product vital #. This is exceptionally frustrating. I am not a computer system export by any indicates. My calls to all want to charge me large $ to repair.HELLLLLP

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Which product are you entering a product crucial for, Windows 7 or Office?If its Windows 7, try the following:Skip entering your Windows 7 product vital and also complete the installation.Once you reach the desktop, click Start, right click ComputerClick PropertiesScroll dvery own to Windows ActivationClick the attach x days till activation.Click the connect that states "Sexactly how me other methods to activate"Go into product keyClick NextSelect Phone ActivationClick Next as soon as Enter your crucial page displayedSelect your countryClick Next off, contact the number listedRemember to define to the speak to agent your situation.Provide the generated installation ID as soon as requested by the call agentThey will certainly give you a confirmation ID in rerevolve, enter itClick Next off to complete the activation. The requirements for upgrade media though is that you have a previously qualifying operating system such as Windows XP or Vista installed to use it. From the Windows 7 End User License Covenant.15. UPGRADES. To use upgrade software, you must initially be licensed for the software application that is eligible for the upgrade. Upon upgrade, this agreement takes the location of the agreement for the software application you upgraded from. After you upgrade, you might no much longer usage the software program you upgraded from.So, if you are still denied, you will certainly have to sindicate reinstall Windows XP or Vista and also let it carry out the eligibility check.---------------If its Office:Please note, if you are making use of the Windows 7 Product essential located on the Certificate of Authenticity sticker attached to your system, that will certainly not work-related, it is only for Windows 7. You need a Office 2010 product crucial.If your computer came through a trial version of Office, you will should obtain a trial essential or purchase a full license:Trial license: license: Key; message once you start an Office application after you install an Office suite: "Invalid product key" you have a trial version of Office 2010 that came via your computer, attempt uninstalling it first:Run the Fix it tool mentioned in the post below to uninstall Office 2010: downfill a trial version of Office 2010 that synchronizes via the edition you bought and convert it to a complete version:Trial license: the connect on just how to Convert a trial version of an Office 2010 suite or regimen to a complete retail version:-