Windows 10 update stuck at 91 percent

today"s windows10 upday (unclear which one given that I did not start it myself) has actually been going on on our Dell PC for 7 hours and also has been stuck at 91% for 1 hour now. What has gone wrong and also exactly how have the right to I fix it. Thank you.

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Original title: today"s windows10 update

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Hi Arthur,

Thank you for posting in Community and beinga part of Windows 10.

I understand also the inconvenience you are encountering in installing Windows Updays on your device as it is stuck at 91%. We will certainly aid you via this concern.

This concern can be due to the anti-virus software program or corrupted Windows Update Components.

I imply you to hard reboot the computer and also percreate the below.

Method 1:

Tip 1:I indicate you to uninstall the anti-virus software installed on your gadget and check for the updays.

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If the worry still persists,

Step 2:I indicate you torun the Windows Update troubleshooter and also inspect.

Windows Update Troubleshooter resolves difficulties that avoids you from updating windows.


Press Windowsvital and also type Troubleshooting.Click on Troubleshootingand click on View allin the left pane.Select Windows Updateto run theWindows Update Troubleshooterand follow the on-display screen instructions.

If the worry still persists then,

Method 2:I imply you to try the actions stated inRecollection Windows Upday componentsand check if you are able to discover the Windows Updays.

Registry disclaimer: Important this section, approach, or task contains procedures that tell you just how to modify the registry. However, significant difficulties might take place if you modify the regisattempt erroneously. Therefore, make certain that you follow these actions very closely. For added protection, back up the registry before you modify it. Then, you have the right to gain back the regisattempt if a difficulty occurs. Refer to the below short article to backup and reclaim the registry in Windows:

Note:The above links uses to Windows 10 too.

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Hope it helps. Reply to the write-up with an updated standing of this issue, we will be happy to assist you even more.