Windows 10 update destroyed my computer


Windows 10 has actually reportedly hit additionally difficulties via its latest cumulative updates for August, through some individuals reporting that they are experiencing some serious issues roughly crashes and also Blue Screens of Death (BSODs), or also devices being put into blue screen loops.

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Specifically, this is happening to those who have actually mounted the cumulative updates KB4566782 and also KB4565351 which are for the May 2020 Update and November 2019 Update respectively.

Previously, some users were having trouble installing these patches – and also being confused by mysterious error messeras – but some of those that have properly installed the updays have actually seemingly encountered much worse fates.

As Windows Latest highlights, tright here are reports digital detailing all sorts of difficulties, consisting of countless problems highlighted in this Reddit threview.

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One user reported: “My XPS 9300 dropped into a bluedisplay screen loop on this update .”

Another user explains: “I’ve upgraded to Windows 10 version 2004 – KB4566782 (OS Build 19041.450), getting BSOD if Intel Virtualization Technology is permitted. Disabled it able to boot right into Windows.” This user likewise notes that the update broke their sound, and that they’re running a Lenovo ThinkPad COMPUTER, and it could be a problem via these machines.

Without a doubt, it appears that some ThinkPad devices are suffering in some way through these updays, bereason several various other individuals on that Reddit thcheck out explained problems through BSODs, seemingly pertained to virtualization attributes (Hyper-V, Intel Virtualization or Windows Sandbox).

So if you’re encountering equivalent worries, as the user over defined, it could be worth turning off virtualization attributes to see if that provides any kind of difference. Otherwise, the just various other solution is to revert your PC to before the upday was installed.

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Out in the cold

With these cumulative updays, tright here also seem to be worries around audio as discussed, as well as general device slowdown, or intermittent freezing – as another Reddit denizen describes: “Also, the computer freezes a lot, sometimes for 5/10 seconds ever given that the last update.”

Tright here are reports from disgruntled COMPUTER owners on Microsoft’s very own forum as well, with among those observing: “I installed KB4566782 a few days back. My device is Windows 10 2004, 64 little bit, set up on Thinkpad T470. As a repercussion, I experienced from sluggish Wi-Fi surfing and VERY SLOW (almost zero) downloading and install rate.

“After I tried eincredibly solution (upday drivers, and so on.) and checked that various other tools in my home work-related fine, this day I unset up KB4566782. The solution worked and currently everything is fine aacquire. I learned my lesson: always much better to pausage updays for as long as feasible...”

And through Microsoft’s current track record for Windows 10 updays, we wouldn’t be surprised if a number of folks are learning that same lesson. Particularly provided even more reports on that thread, including this one: “The update resulted in a blue display screen of death when yet was able to efficiently reboot after reversing the updates – but does Microsoft learn? No. It tries to install the exact same update aobtain and also this time succeeds in bricking the machine.”