Windows 10 thinks my desktop is a laptop

Get-wmiobject win32_computersystem | pick manufacturer,modelManufacturer : Hewlett-PackardModel : HP ProWorkdesk 600 G1 SFFFor a while it would certainly provide me a icon in the systray stating that my battery was not present. haha good one Windows. I don"t have a battery favor that.

Some time newly it began reporting a full battery charge




Why is my Windows 10 reporting a complete battery charge once no battery is present?

OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 ProOS Version: 10.0.10586 N/A Build 10586My Windows is out of day however I might not discover anypoint pertinent to this issue saying it was a pest.

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asked Jan 9 "18 at 13:35

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You deserve to run the following command also at the cmd to list devices Windows thinks are batteries:

wmic course Win32_Battery get Caption,Description,DeviceID,NameYou deserve to likewise go to the Device Manager under Batteries. However, the command will certainly carry out you through a summary and model number to job-related through a little bit much faster.

The battery symbol showing up on a desktop is generally brought about by a USB-associated UPS battery.

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answered Jan 9 "18 at 16:07

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R.. Many kind of a UPS is intfinished to safely shut-dvery own in instance of power outage, not to keep functioning with the day regardless of outage. In that instance a maximum capacity of 20 minutes is even more than sufficient. Degradation over time might shorten that considerably (just choose through lapheight batteries) and also the 10s may be somewhat of a hyperbole. –user366447 Jan 10 "18 at 6:36
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This can be bereason you have actually a UPS connected.

It does not seem to happen all the time, though. From personal endure, on one desktop computer, once I set up Windows 10, it seems to have actually detected it as a lappeak. Oddly enough, my other desktop computer also has actually a UPS yet no battery icon and Windows Mobility Center is not mounted.

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If you execute not want the icon tright here, I expect you might attempt to rerelocate or disable Mobility Center. I just learned to ignore the icon. You might also hide it from the notice location.

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answered Jan 9 "18 at 14:18

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Do you take place to have a wiremuch less mouse, keyboard, game controller or similar?

It is feasible that the drivers for those devices tell Windows "this tool has actually a battery, level XX%". Windows would certainly then duly report that, while absent the reality that it is not powering the entirety system, favor a UPS or a lappeak battery would be.

answered Jan 9 "18 at 14:07
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