Windows 10 the drive is not a valid backup location

How to solve "The drive is not a valid backup location" in Windows 10/8/7

"Getting error message "Drive is not a valid backup location" while trying to create a device picture to USB flash drive in Windows 10. Is there any kind of means to solve the issue?"

It"s a question that asked by one of the Windows 10 users on the Microsoft Community. And many kind of customers that running Windows 8, 8.1, 7 have admitted that they suffered the exact same worry as Windows Back-up and also Restore feature does not support thumb drives as backup storage. But do not worry! Here, we will certainly market 2 advantageous solutions to troubleshoot the trouble. 

1. Recommend: Create device image on USB through a third-party backup tool 

The third-party backup tool is the easiest solution for "The drive is not a valid backup location" problem. Here, Toperform Backup is a nice choice. As a experienced software, it is the finest alternative tool when Windows 10 backup doesn"t work appropriately. Now you deserve to downfill and attempt it to develop a system picture on your USB flash drive in Windows 10/8/7 or other versions in just 3 straightforward measures.

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Support Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

Tip 1. Empty the USB Flash Drive

1. Make sure that your USB flash drive is as massive as or even bigger than your existing system C drive.2. System Back-up will overcompose all existing data on the USB, please also empty your USB flash drive if you conserved vital data there. 

Tip 2. Back-up Windows System to USB

1. Connect the USB to your COMPUTER and also run Toperform Backup. On the house display, select OS.Or, you have the right to additionally click the icon at the left height edge, pick System Backup on the left tool pane.


2. Select the Windows device and click Browse to choose USB as your backup destination. 


If you desire to create a backup setup to immediately backing up your Windows OS at a certain frequency, click Schedule: Off and also collection to backup your OS by day, by week or even by month.

You have the right to likewise click Upon event to instantly back up your OS to USB eextremely time when it"s plugged in your computer system. 


3. After this, click Proceed to start backing up your Windows OS to USB currently.If you"ve developed an automatic backup setup for Windows OS backup, Todo Back-up will certainly automatically to run and earlier up your OS after the first complete backup.

2. Create a brochure on the USB drive

Except for a third-party backup tool, you have the right to additionally try to troubleshoot "The drive is not a valid backup location" difficulty by developing a brochure on a USB drive. The only disadvantage is that it takes a lot more measures to regulate the job.

1. Style the USB stick with NTFS.2. Share the USB stick as a network-related drive.

Create a magazine on your USB drive.Right-click the catalog and pick "Share with", "Specific people".Choose yourself from the list of customers and also click Share and Done.

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3. Encertain the advanced share permit perobjectives are collection to complete manage.4. Start Windows Backup and also pick System Image.5. Select the netjob-related drive as your backup place.6. Browse to your own computer and also choose the USB share.7.

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Get in your computer"s login credentials, if your password is empty use 1 room and click OK.

After all the above steps, Windows Backup and Resave will start to create a system image on your USB flash drive and also "The drive is not a valid backup location" error will certainly no longer happen at the majority of times.