Windows 10 takes forever to wake up

My PC has actually been taking ages to "wake up" after Sleep. The Internet Access icon, bottom right on taskbar

has a red patch on it till it ultimately is OK, however it takes a long time to perform this.

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The following was offered on the web as a feasible solution -


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Question ? WHY ? It appears to be a direct contradiction of what this establishing is intended to perform !



Since Fast Startup is a variant on hibernation.  In regular hibernation the OS system state, and also the state(s) of the user(s) are both composed out to disk, the device is powered dvery own via a cause set for it to check out in both aget when it powers up.   Rapid Startup does not encompass the user(s) state(s), only the state of the Windows OS.


Hibernation was never before intfinished or designed to be "in perpetuity" with the device never actually entirely powered down or rebegan such that Windows is reloaded afresh from disc.  In time, data slowly becomes corrupted in the hiberfile, and also this deserve to cause some really strange habits.  One of the hardest concerns I ever had actually to resolve was on a Windows 8.1 machine wbelow Quick Startup was on (and at that time I didn"t recognize it also existed) and it made the keyboard perform stuff favor swapping letters.  It was bizarre.


The first point I carry out once configuring a brand-new Windows 10 device is to turn Quick Startup OFF.   The decrease in boot time, once it"s working, is insubstantial the initially time significant worries start arising bereason of hiberfile corruption, and also no one knows why or that doing a Restart often cures them (because Restart forces Windows 10 to be reloaded afresh from disc).

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The concept that Shutdvery own does not really shut the device dvery own is simply so stupid and also counterintuitive, and also that"s exactly what Rapid Startup does in impact because the OS state is reloaded from the last active state, that it provides me desire to scream.

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