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Issue: How to Fix "Critical Error - Your Start menu isn"t working” Bug on Windows 10?

I require your assist extremely much!!! A couple of days earlier, I’ve began receiving the adhering to error message once clicking the Start Menu: “Critical Error – Your Start food selection isn’t working. We’ll attempt to resolve it the following time you sign in.” I’ve upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8 a lengthy time ago. What might have happened?

Windows 10 brought many innovative functions if compared to Windows 7 or 8. One of the significant alters, which have been immediately criticized by Windows enthusiasts, was the lacking Start Menu. Taking into account users’ complaints about that, Microsoft brought the Start Menu earlier however still left it modified substantially. The Start Menu in Windows 10 currently functions a list of Universal Apps and Deskoptimal Apps alongside, incorporated Cortana, and also Task View. There are some other significant transforms, but we are not going to expand also on them here bereason you most likely currently gained offered to them.

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In this post, we would favor to emphadimension the truth that Windows 10 Start Menu is a problematic point, which regularly stops working. Tright here are loads of reports concerned Cortana not working, which is poor. However, the matters go even worse when the Start Menu fails dragging Cortana’s or sometimes also Edge’s solutions dvery own alongside.

The the majority of prevalent concerns pertained to Windows Start Menu is “Critical Error – Your Start food selection isn’t working. We’ll attempt to deal with it the following time you sign in.” This error has actually been registered a pair of years back, however it keeps harassing Windows 10 users up till this day. It is assumed that the difficulty occurs because of some difficulties through Microsoft account. However, it might occur due to some missing, corrupted or damaged device documents and registry entries. If you have actually began enduring “Your Start menu isn’t working” error newly, don’t concern as well much bereason tbelow are numerous things that you can execute prior to perdeveloping a clean install of Windows 10. In fact, the clean install is the uta lot of fix of “Critical Error – Your Start food selection isn’t working” error, so please attempt the listed below stated actions initially.

How to Fix “Critical Error – Your Start food selection isn’t working” Bug on Windows 10?

We have actually analyzed people’s reports on Microsoft forum and also come up via several conclusions. First of all, to settle “Critical Error – Your Start food selection isn’t working” error on Windows 10 try to reboot your PC for at least 2 or three times. If the trouble did not disappear, it is advisable to boot right into Safe Mode through Networking.

Hold the Change key while pressing the Power icon.Select Rebegin.When the Windows Recoincredibly Environment opens up, select Troubleshoot.Open Advanced Options and also then go to Startup Settings.Select Restart.When the mechanism reboots, press F5 to boot into Safe Setting through networking.Once done, reboot the device to obtain back to normal mode and also inspect if the Start Menu works aacquire.

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If you can’t usage Start Menu, after all, try to disable your third-party antivirus (if you are making use of one). Did not help? Then the last basic tip would certainly be to run a system scan via ReimageMac Washing Machine X9. This tool will certainly inspect for malware, as well as corrupted mechanism documents and also registry entries, which may additionally be the culprit of the “Critical Error – Your Start menu isn’t working” error. If namong these tips aided, perdevelop the following methods:

Method 1. Re-register Start Menu

Click Ctrl + Change + ESC to open up Task Manager.Select File and also click Run brand-new job.Type powershell in the create brand-new job box and note the Create this task with governmental privileges choice.Click OK.In the PowerShell Window, form Get-appxpackage -all *shellexperience* -packagetype bundle |% add-appxpackage -register -disabledevelopmentmode ($_.installarea + “appxmetadataappxbundlemanifest.xml”) command also and press Enter.Cshed PowerShell and also reboot your COMPUTER.

Method 2. Install Windows 10 updates

Click Win vital + I and choose Updays & Security.Open Windows Updays.Click Check for Updays and wait for a while.The system will certainly instantly detect which updates are missing and also carry out a list of easily accessible ones.Click Run the Updates.

If none of the tips offered below helped, then our last item of advice would be to reinstall Windows 10 without affecting your personal data.

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You can discover indevelopment on exactly how to perform that below.

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