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If you desire to discover the options to fix the ‘Someone else is still using this PC’ error, this article is what you require. It will present you some possible causes of this error. On the other hand, it will also display you several feasible methods to solve this issue. You can get these approaches from MiniDevice.

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Some Windows users reported that as soon as they shut dvery own or rebegin their computer, they encounter the ‘Someone else is still using this PC’ error. This error likewise shows up as soon as they log in through a different user account. 

This problem is not distinctive to Windows 10, as it also showed up on Windows 8.1.

Reasons for the ‘Someone else is still utilizing this PC’ Error

Tright here are some possible factors for the ‘Someone else is still making use of this PC’ error. 

1.A Sign-in Option

This specific trouble is largely because of a adjust in the Sign-in options menu, forcing the machine to usage the sign-in information to automatically finish setting up the gadget and also reopen up the application. 

2.The previous user is still connected

Anvarious other feasible factor is that the previous user of this COMPUTER did not complete the logoff procedure, which may be as a result of a device interruption or user choice. 

3.Windows updates are installing the background

If you view this problem on Windows 10, it is most likely that your operating system erroneously thinks it is connecting to an additional user, but it is actually because the WU is installing one or even more upgrades in the background.

Method 1: Change the Sign-in Options

The ‘Someone else is still utilizing this PC’ error commonly occurs after the Sign-in options have actually changed, which is one of the a lot of prevalent situations of this error. You can readjust the Privacy settings to deal with this concern. 

Step 1: Press Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog box. Type ms-settings:signinoptions and also click OK to open the Sign-in options section. 

Step 2: Under the Privacy area, rotate off the Use my sign-in information to instantly complete setting up my device and also reopen my apps after an upday or restart option.


Tip 3: Rebegin the computer system to check out if the error is fixed. 


Method 2: Disattach the Previous User

This problem may also occur bereason the previous user"s log off was infinish. In order to settle the error in the situation, you deserve to disaffix the user that is preventing the shutdvery own or rebegin process to complete through the Task Manager. 

Step 1: Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open up Task Manager

Step 2: Select the Users tab, right-click on the user that is no longer logged in and also then choose Disconnect.

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Tip 3: Repeat the activity that was triggering the ‘Someone else is still using this PC’ error previously to check out if the error is now fixed.

Method 3: Finish Installing the Pfinishing Updates for Windows 10

If you encounter this trouble on Windows 10, there is one more recognized bug that can reason this problem. If you restart or shut dvery own your computer system while downloading and install a Windows upday in the background, your operating mechanism may incorrectly assume that an additional user is logged on to your PC. 

To solve this error, you can accessibility the Windows Upday display and install each pfinishing Update. 

Step 1: Press Windows + R secrets to open up the Run dialog box. Type ms-settings:windowsupdate and click OK to open the Windows Update display.


Tip 2: Check to watch if any kind of Windows upday is downloading currently. If any updates are pfinishing, follow the instructions on the display to finish the installation. 

Tip 3: After installing the Windows upday, repeat the previous activity that caused the ‘Someone else is still utilizing this PC’ error to see if the trouble is fixed. 



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