Windows 10 setting account picture failed

We all love to erected our images for the User accounts in our very own ways. Setting a photo for a User Account provides us a personalized feel, therefore boosting our experience while utilizing Windows 10/8. But this day, I came around an error while establishing my user account image. The display showed the following error:

Account picture error. Setting the account image failed. Please try again.

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If you watch this error, you will notice that tbelow is no assistance connect offered to fix this worry. You have to try aget and aacquire till the difficulty gets sorted. But that’s not the way to settle it, as I tried to click OK aget and aget, plus restarted the device, still no luck. In my instance, I was certain that Windows is activated. Then I tried the complying with method, and also I was lastly able to collection my wanted picture as a user account picture.Here is how:1. Go to the mechanism root drive on which Windows is installed currently, which is generally C: drive (yet, in my instance it was E: drive). In the ribbon choices, click View, then inspect the Hidden items. Now click the ProgramData folder so showed up which was a covert one.


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After clicking ProgramDocuments, navigate to MicrosoftUser Account Pictures.In the User Accounts Pictures folder, you’ll check out the default user account pictures.You’ll simply need to replace these photos with your wanted picture for user account.Tright here are guest.bmp (448×448 px.), guest.png (448×448 px.), user.bmp (448×448 px.), user.png (448×448 px.), user-40.png (40×40 px.) and also user-200.png (200×200 px.) photos.

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Manipulate your wanted picture for user account image in the very same format and same dimension and also replace the default ones. So that now the User Account Pictures folder looks prefer this:
Finally, currently reboot the mechanism and you’ll be able to acquire your wanted photo as the user account image. That’s it!Hope it helps!


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An Electrical Engineer by profession, Kapil is a Microsoft MVP and a Microsoft Content Creator. Please check out the whole short article & the comments initially & produce a device restore point prior to making any kind of alters to your mechanism.
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