Windows 10 need permission from myself

I"m trying to delete a folder as an administrator, but I get the message "You require permission from UserAdam to delete folder". The difficulty is, I am logged on as UserAdam! I"ve tried altering the owner to Administrator to no avail likewise.

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I ran right into the same problem: tried to delete a folder (as admin), yet got an error message "You need permissions from MYCOMPUTERAdmin ..." Somehow this worked:

I just went into the folder and also deleted everything inside. Now once I try to delete the folder, it works fine.

Not sure why, but it appears like you discovered a comparable solution. However before, there"s no should usage FileAssassin, just simply highlight the folder contents and delete favor normal.


This worked for me:

Open command also prompt as administratorExecute rd /S /Q "P:AthToDirectory"

I acquired no error and my folder was succestotally deleted.


I had the same problem, and also I found a reasonably easy solve that hasn"t been stated yet and also more than likely has the best chance of working.

Ssuggest provide full access to "Everyone" in the file"s properties, then delete it ideal after.

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To readjust the file"s access, as administrator: open the conmessage menu and go Properties -> Security -> Modern. This have to lug up a brand-new home window that lists multiple customers and also their accessibility to the file/folder, especially Everyone. Select Everyone and click modify. In the complying with menu, choose Full Control, then click OK.

The file should currently be easily accessible to everyone- including you- enabling it to be deleted.


If you have actually the project open up in Visual Studios, cshed out of it and then delete the file.

Had this problem today and didnt view this answer anywhere


To add some extra information, in the case of needing permission from yourself, It"s most likely that you currently have actually an application that is using a file/ has actually a lock on that folder/papers inside that will throw an error.

Cshedding relevant applications may remedy this, if not a rebegin will clear all the file locks which can totally free it.

If neither of those things work then the ACL pergoals on the folder are probably maldeveloped and also corrupted somehow

I think its an insect or somepoint. When the file is in use (It"s open in sublime text or possibly some other text editors) it will not say file in usage. Instead, it will say you do not have actually permission. If you don"t understand what it"s open up in, logout and also it need to be deletable. (At leastern that"s what happened to me)

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