Windows 10 installation failed in the safe_os phase

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If you are in search of the ideal way just how to solve 0xC1900101 – 0x20017 error, you have certainly pertained to the appropriate area – we understand how dispiriting this worry is and also have actually done our utmany to compile an exhaustive list of the proven fixes for this trouble.

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Getting a message saying, ‘The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase via an error in the time of BOOT operation’ while trying to upgrade to or install Windows 10 is, by all accounts, a a lot of undesirable endure. The error actually crops up at the minute of joy, appropriate once the installation of Success 10 hits 100 %, and also renders the process fail.

This error is rather hard to account for, considering that it is impossible to suggest to one clear reason of this issue: faulty peripherals, poor chauffeurs, buggy registry entries, incorrect mechanism settings, malfunctioning hardware, COMPUTER junk, and BIOS problems make up the list of possible culprits. This indicates you need to job-related your means down with the methods below, providing each of them a try. We perform hope your troubleshooting adventure will not take as well lengthy, as your triumph could be simply around the edge.

So, it is time to learn just how to solve 0xC1900101 – 0x20017 error in order to ensure a smooth upgrade to Windows 10:

1. Disattach all your exterior devices

The point is, some of your peripherals can be responsible for the Windows 10 installation failure on your COMPUTER. Thus, unplug all your external pieces of hardware, such as USB hubs, flash drives, or Wi-Fi adapters, before percreating an upgrade.

2. Remove conflicting drivers

If you are trying to upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you must uninstall your Bluetooth and Wireless Netoccupational drivers, because they have actually been reported to be incompatible via Windows 10.

To rerelocate them, use the instructions below:

Press the Windows logo design key and X (simultaneously).Select Device Manager from the list.Locate your Bluetooth driver. Right-click on it and choose Uninstall.Find your netjob-related driver. Uninstall it.

To solve your worry, you could need to enter your BIOS and also disable the motorists in question:

Rebegin your COMPUTER and also enter your BIOS at boot (the exact combicountry of tricks counts on your PC model and also manufacturer).Navigate to the Cutting edge tab. Locate the Wiremuch less section and also press Get in.Disable the Internal Bluetooth and also Internal Wlan options.Go earlier to the major display (press the Escape button).Save your alters.

Now attempt to install Win 10 on your computer and examine if the worry has actually gone.

3. Update your drivers

Windows installation problems often stem from out-of-date or corrupt drivers, which implies you should on a regular basis shave the right to the horizon for brand-new updays. With that sassist, this can seem quite an onerous burden if you choose to take care of your vehicle drivers yourself: you have to know the precise models of your devices and what driver versions are recommended by the manufacturers. Searching for the latest vehicle drivers and installing them on your PC is by no means a quick procedure. As an outcome, your update may revolve right into an epic battle.

The great news is, you deserve to automate the procedure. Check out the previous solve and usage the instructions for running the integrated Device Manager tool. Locate the gadget which driver you wish to update, right-click on it, and connumber the manager to search for the crucial software program digital. Nonetheless, this technique has actually its drawbacks. First, updating all your motorists one by one is very time-consuming. 2nd, Device Manager may fail to discover the versions necessary.

The 3rd method of addressing driver worries implies utilizing unique software application. For example, you can opt for Driver Updater: with simply one click of a switch, you will certainly have actually all your drivers fixed or updated.

Redeal with COMPUTER Issues via Driver Updater Unsecure PC performance is regularly resulted in by outdated or corrupt chauffeurs. Driver Updater diagnoses driver worries and also lets you upday old motorists as a whole or one at a time to obtain your COMPUTER running smoother


4. Improve specific startup settings

The difficulty could not be that deep-rooted: establishing specific solutions to automatic is a apparently efficient method exactly how to settle 0xC1900101 – 0x20017 error. Here is what you need to do:

Press the Windows logo design crucial + R shortcut to open Run.Then form ‘solutions.msc’ right into it (without quotes). Hit Enter.Locate the following:BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service)Windows Update ServiceCryptographic ServiceDouble-click each of them and choose to enter Properties.Set the Startup type to Automatic.Remember to conserve your alters by clicking OK.

Finally restart your PC and also attempt to install Victory 10 aobtain.

5. Tweak your RAM

RAM, which represents Random Access Memory, is what stores and also retrieves the indevelopment on your PC. If your installation problem persists, RAM worries might be behind this adversity. Reportedly, rerelocating added RAM modules has aided some users to prevent Win 10 installation failures. On the other hand also, some individuals say that including RAM can likewise assist.

6. Set the variety of energetic cores to 1

This is quite an efficient workapproximately for the 0xC1900101 – 0x20017 error. What you must perform is enter your BIOS settings (look up the instructions in your manual) and situate energetic core settings. Change the number of energetic cores to 1 and departure BIOS. Then attempt to upgrade to Windows 10.

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7. Rerelocate the wireless card

This is fairly a subtle procedure, so if you feel uncomfortable about having a poke about the insides of your excellent old lapoptimal, consider hiring a technician – this might be a means out.

Anymeans, ago up your files initially. Person beings are prone to error, so a little foresight won’t hurt. Move your crucial information to a cloud, or a flash drive, or an external drive. You have the right to even migrate your papers to another computer – the alternative is yours.

The instructions below will certainly assist you extract your wiremuch less card. Keep in mind that they can slightly differ from those required for your lappeak design.

So, to rerelocate your wiremuch less card:

Switch off your laptop and also rerelocate its battery.Unplug all your outside gadgets and also cables.Locate the wireless card compartment.Remove the cover, utilizing a screwdriver.You will certainly check out the two little wires attached to the card. Detach them very closely (usage the clips at the ends of the wires for this purpose).Unlatch the clips that keep your wiremuch less card in its slot.Remove the wireless card.Place the cover back. Insert your battery.

Finally, you should boot your COMPUTER and run the installation process.

8. Upday your BIOS

If the 0xC1900101 – 0x20017 issue keeps reemerging, your BIOS might be out of day. We recommend you to upday your BIOS, making use of the tips from our article.

9. Modify Windows Registry

If all the fixes above have actually been to no avail, you deserve to perform specific registry tweaks to settle your trouble. Bear in mind that hands-on regisattempt editing and enhancing is exceptionally riskies – a tiny mistake deserve to make your device unbootable, so tright here is no room for error.

As such, if you believe that regisattempt worries are to blame for your 0xC1900101 – 0x20017 difficulty, we strongly advise you to use trusted software to resolve them. For circumstances, 100 % cost-free Registry Cleaner will certainly very closely scan your regisattempt and also repair the corrupt tricks and also entries responsible for the installation mess on your computer.


However before, if you still wish to modify Windows Regisattempt yourself, make certain to earlier it up before percreating any kind of tricks:

Press the Windows logo design essential + S shortreduced.The Search box will open up. Type ‘regmodify.exe’ (without quotes) right into it.Press Enter to proceed. Regisattempt Editor will open.Select the entries and also secrets that you wish to earlier up.Click on Documents and select Export.Name your backup file and save it to a desirable location.

If things go astray, you will have the ability to reclaim your registry:

Open Registry Editor and also navigate to Data.Click on Import and retrieve your backup file.

To modify your mechanism registry, execute the following:

Open Regisattempt Editor and choose HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsSelfHostAppliccapacity.Set Ring to WIF.Connumber RingBackup to WIS or Enabled.Set EnablePreviewBuilds to 2.Configure BranchName and UserPreferredBranchName to TH1.

Close your Windows Regisattempt and also restart your computer system. Check if the manipulations over have resolved your problem.

10. Optimize your system

No luck yet? Then your OS can be also messy: software application leftovers, obsolete short-term documents, unessential cache, and other COMPUTER junk can have clogged your COMPUTER, which deserve to cause points to go haywire. To upgrade to Windows 10 as smooth as feasible, you must declutter your current operating system and also tweak its settings. You have the right to perform that manually or usage special software application such as BoostSpeed for this purpose.


If despite all your efforts, there has been no success whatever before in tackling the worry in question, execute not offer up and see what else you should perform if you still can’t install Windows 10.

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Hopecompletely, our tips have helped you get Windows 10 up and running on your computer system. Now that you deserve to gain its cutting-edge boons, remember to keep your software approximately day. If Windows 10 appears a little bit intrusive, do not worry: tbelow is no require for downgrading to your previous OS – you are cost-free to rerelocate the Windows 10’s many distressing attributes.