Windows 10 freezes after 10 minutes

Because October 2017, Windows 10 has been freezing a lot even more than usual. (That’s as soon as Microsoft released the Fall Creators Upday.) Unfortunately, these freezes occur virtually randomly and also without a lot helpful feedearlier. This is not just frustrating however additionally makes it a lot harder to troubleshoot. But the good news is, it can be fixed…

Try these fixes

Here are a few fixes that have actually helped various other individuals resolve their ‘Windows 10 freezes randomly’ problem. You may not must attempt them all; simply work-related your way dvery own the list till you discover the one that works for you.

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Method 1: Update your drivers

The Windows 10 freezing difficulty have the right to be brought about by outdated chauffeurs. So to solve the problem, you can try to update the vehicle drivers. If you don’t have the moment, patience, or computer system skills to upday the chauffeurs manually,you have the right to execute it instantly withDriver Easy.

Driver Easy will certainly instantly acknowledge your device and also find the correct drivers for it. You don’t have to know precisely what mechanism your computer system is running, you don’t should threat downloading and install and also installing the wrong driver, and you don’t have to concern about making a mistake as soon as installing.

You have the right to upday your vehicle drivers automatically via either the FREE or the Pro version of Driver Easy. But via the Pro variation it takes simply 2 clicks (and also you obtain complete assistance and a 30-day money earlier guarantee):

1) Downfill and install Driver Easy.

2) Run Driver Easy and also click Sdeserve to Now. Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect any trouble motorists.


3) Click theUpdatebutton alongside a machine to automatically downfill the correct version of their driver, then you can manually install the driver (you have the right to carry out this with the FREE version).

Or clickUpdateAllto immediately downpack and install the correct variation ofallthe chauffeurs that are lacking or out of day on your mechanism (this calls for thePro version– you’ll be triggered to upgrade as soon as you click Upday All).


4) Check to view if your computer system still freezes randomly after updating the drivers. If the difficulty persists, you know your vehicle drivers weren’t to blame, and also you need to attempt the next solve.

Method 2: Clear your computer’s temp files

If Windows doesn’t have sufficient space to save temp files, it deserve to slow down or even freeze. So you need to clear them on a regular basis.

1) On your key-board, press Windows vital and R at the same time, then in the Run create, kind temp and also hit Enter. This will invoke Windows Explorer via your Temp folder open,showing you all the temp documents on your computer system.


2) Select all the papers in the Temp folder and also delete them.


If Windows 10 is still randomly freezing after clearing your temp papers, attempt the next resolve.

Method 3: Adsimply your digital memory

Virtual memory is basically anextension of your computer’s physical memory. It is a combination of RAM and also a portion of your hard drive. If your computer runs out of RAM as soon as performing an intensive job, Windows will certainly dip into online memory for short-term file storage.

1) On your key-board, push Windows vital and Pause/ Break essential at the exact same time. Then chooseModern System Settings on the left panel.


2)Go to the Advanced tab, then clickSettings.


3) Go to theAdvanced tab aacquire, and choose Change…in the Virtual memory area.


4) Ensure theAutomatically regulate paging file size for all drives checkbox is NOT ticked.


5) Select your home windows drive (the difficult drive or partition that has actually Windows installed on it – usuallyC:),and enter an Initial dimension and Maximum size for your virtual memory:

Initial size – This value varies, depending on your computer system. If you’re not certain what worth to usage, just enter whatever the number is in the Recommended category.Maximum size – Don’t set this worth as well high. It need to be about 1.5 times the dimension of your physical RAM. e.g. APC via 4 GB (4096 MB) of RAM need to have actually no even more than around 6,144 MB digital memory (4096MB x 1.5).

Once you’ve entered your online memory worths,clickSet, then clickOK to proceed.


If you’re still having troubles through Windows 10 hanging after adjusting your , try the next solve.

Method 4: Run a memory check

A faulty memory card is one of the many common causes of computer system freezes. So before you invest in a new computer, check to check out if your memory card is at fault. Microsoft has a built-in tool to aid you carry out this.

1) On your key-board, hold the Windows logo vital ;and press R at the very same time to invoke a Run command. Type mdsched.exe in the run box and also hit Enter.


2) If you want to examine for problems instantly, clickRestart now and examine for problems(recommended). If you want to examine later on, clickCheck for difficulties the next time I begin my computer.


3) Windows will certainly then restart, and you’ll see this page showing the progress of the examine and the number of passes it will certainly run on memory.

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If you don’t see any errors here, your memory card probably isn’t the difficulty, and also you must try the following deal with.

Method 5: Run Disk Check

If you’ve come this much, it’s time for you to check if your tough disk is at fault. Don’t issue, this is easy to execute, because Windows has a developed in tool for the job…

1) Cshed all open up programs and documents.

2) ClickStart > Documents Explorer > This PC.


3) Locate the tough drive you’d prefer to examine, right-click on it and also pick Properties.


4) Go to theTools tab and also click Check.


5) If your hard disk drive is problem-free, you’ll see this:


This argues your difficult disk is NOT the trouble, and also you deserve to move on to the following resolve below.

If you DO check out errors, it’s feasible they’re resulting in Windows to freeze, and also you have to think about upgrading your disk.

Method 6: Run System File Checker

Corrupt or missed mechanism documents can reason Windows to randomly freeze. But don’t concern, Microsoft provides it easy for you to acquire your original device documents ago. It has an in-developed tool referred to as System Documents Checker that will gain back any type of broken or lacking mechanism papers that could be leading to your PC to freeze. Here’s how to usage it:

1) Press the Windows key on your key-board, then type cmd(DON’T press Enter). Windows will certainly screen a list of programs that match your search. Right-click Command Promptand also select Run as administrator.


If triggered to provide administrator permission, click Yes.


2) In the babsence Command also Prompt window, type:

sfc /scannowThen pressEnteron your keyboard.


Windows will certainly sdeserve to your mechanism for corrupted papers, and also attempt to settle any kind of it finds. The outcomes will screen in this window, so please leave it open up until the operation is finish.

If the shave the right to finds no problems, you understand your system files aren’t the reason of Windows 10 randomly freezing, and also you have the right to relocate on to the next deal with.

Method 7: Disable C-States in BIOS

“C-States” is brief for “CPU States”. They’re basically power saving options – they rotate down yoursystem’s voltage, multipliers, and so on. so your computer supplies as little bit power as feasible when it’s idle. Disabling C-States (turning off the power conserving options) can make your computer system even more secure, and also minimize the chance of unsupposed problems favor random freezing or rebooting.To disable C-States:

1) Restart your computer system, and as soon as you check out the logo design display screen (example below), push the Setup keydefined by your manufacturer. It should be noted on the logo display. (Different manufacturers usage different secrets, but it’s normally F2, F1, Esc, F12,Deleteor a combination of these tricks.)


If you’re not rapid sufficient, and also the logo design display screen disappears before you hit the Setup crucial, simply wait for Windowstofinish startingup, then restart your computer system and attempt again.

2) Once in your BIOS setup, use the arrowhead secrets on your keyboard to navigate to the primary menu. Go to Advanced tab, and also choose theCPU Configuration choice.


3) BothC1E Function and also Intel(R) C-STATE techhave to beDisabled. If they’re not, usage your keyboard up and down arrows to navigate the list of options, highlightthe setting you want to readjust, press Enter on your key-board, then push the up or dvery own arrowhead on your keyboard to readjust the value toDisabled.


After changing these settings, conserve and departure the BIOS settings as per the instructions on your display screen, then restart your computer aget.

Method 8: Switch to ChromeOS


Windows is a really old technology. Sure, Windows 10 is reasonably new, yet it’s still just the latest iteration of a decades-old operating mechanism, designed for a bygone era (pre-internet).

Now that we have the internet, quick link speeds, free cloud storage, and also endmuch less web apps (favor Gmail, Google Docs, Slack, Facebook, Dropbox and Spotify), the whole Windows way of doing points – with locally set up programs and also neighborhood file storage – is entirely outdated.

Why is that a problem? Since once you’re constantly installing unregulated third-party programs, you’re constantly opening the door to virprovides and other malware. (And Windows’ insecure permission system compounds this difficulty.)

Plus the way Windows manperiods set up software application and hardware has always been a problem. If your computer system shuts dvery own suddenly, or a regime installs, uninstalls or updays wrongly, you deserve to acquire ‘registry’ corruptions. That’s why Windows Computers constantly sluggish dvery own and also become unsteady over time.

Also bereason everything’s installed and saved locally, it doesn’t take long prior to you run out of disk area, and your disk gets fragmentized, which makes everything also sreduced and more unsecure.

For most world, the simplest means to deal with Windows troubles is to ditch Windows altogether, and also switch to a much faster, even more reliable, even more secure, easier to use and cheaper operating system…

Google ChromeOS.

ChromeOS feels much favor Windows, however instead of installing heaps of programs to email, chat, browse the internet, create documents, execute institution presentations, produce spreadsheets, and also whatever else you generally perform on a computer system, you usage internet apps. You don’t have to install anypoint at all.

That indicates you don’t have virus and malware problems, and also your computer doesn’t sluggish dvery own over time, or end up being unsteady.

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And that’s simply the start of the benefits…

To learn more about the benefits of ChromeOS, and also to view comparikid videos and demos, visit

Hopecompletely these fixes fix your Windows 10 random freezing difficulty. Please let us understand exactly how you go by commenting below. (Also, if you discover any different fixes for this trouble, please feel cost-free to tell us around them in a comment below.)