Windows 10 devices and printers slow to load

I"m having actually an unexplained difficulty through Windows 10 where the Devices and also Printers dialog shows the green development bar for virtually 5 minutes prior to loading. When it does fill, it is almost unusable via lag.

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When I attempt to open up Device Manager, it does not respond for a while, then inevitably tons the list of gadget categories. After a few secs it occasionally then stops working, however the times as soon as it doesn"t reveals thousands upon thousands of "Generic volume shadow copy" entries, which I imagine are slowing dvery own Devices and Printers.


NirSoft"s DevManView, which also takes several minutes to pack, reveals that I have actually 11500 tools, virtually every one of which seem to be these "General volume shadow copy" entries.


How can I make my Devices and also Printers (and also Device Manager) load easily again? Some seem to relate this problem to Bluetooth, yet I am on a desktop computer via no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

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asked Nov 16 "16 at 17:35

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This is from:

**It appears to be a Windows bug, with Generic volume shadow copies, which save structure up with time, as you connect more and also even more volume devices to your computer system. These tools incorporate USB flash drives. For each USB flash drive connected, a brand-new shadow copy is produced, which is not deleted after the USB drive is disconnected.

To see that go to:

Device Manager > View > Show covert devicesThen go aacquire to View and also click Devices by connectionand also expand also Volume Manager.

This will screen a list of Generic quantities. The shadow ones are grayed out. These can be any kind of number from few to hundreds.

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These shadow copies, seem to considerably slow-moving dvery own the classic (i.e. from the Control Panel) “Devices and also Printers” display screen and also also the device startup.

To clean up these useless shadow duplicates downpack a tool released by Microsoft, dubbed ‘devnodeclean’ Microsoft DevNodeClean from Official Microsoft Download Center -

The downloaded file includes both x86 and x64 versions of the tool. Please use the one suitable to your Windows version.

This is a command line tool, to be run from an elevated command prompt.

Type DevNodeClean and hit to clean up all these unsupplied (grayed out) shadow copies.

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The command also accepts 2 parameters:DevNodeClean /n Lists the regisattempt entries for orphaned storage devices that can be cleaned up.DevNodeClean /? Displays the aid screen

After the command also completes, rebegin your computer system.

Once done, you can examine aget in Device Manager that the shadow copies are gone.

This procedure should be done periodically, i.e. eexceptionally month depending upon the variety of new volume gadgets you include to your computer and must minimize the moment essential to pack the classical “Devices and also Printers” display screen.**