Windows 10 destroyed my hard drive

I upgraded my lappeak to Windows 10 prefer it told me to. It was functioning fine for a week till it updated itself. After the update my computer system instantly craburned and also could no longer boot. I burned a recoincredibly disk and then both by myself and also with a Answer Desk operator tried all possible solutions that the disk gave via no avail. The operator sassist all I have the right to carry out is acquire a brand-new Windows 7 product crucial from my laptop"s OEM and quickly hung up.

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What he didn"t say is that my OEM will charge me $48.50 for a brand-new one (together with the essential drivers). I uncover this ridiculous and fully suppose to reimburse me for this charge because it is they that forced the incompatible update onto my device.

I am currently on the Answer Desk speak to waiting list. I mean my question is, "How perform I "escalate" my problem to supervisors that have the right to appropriately address my problem?". Also, has actually anyone on right here encountered this type of point before? How was it resolved?

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Replied on August 14, 2015


Thank you for posting your query in Community.

It is unfortunate that you have finished up in this situation. I will certainly be glad to assist you.

In order to assist you better, I need some even more indevelopment.

1) Do you gain any kind of error message when you tryto boot?

2) If yes, what is the message?

I imply you to follow this approach and inspect if it helps.

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Method 1:

Running inspect disk to watch if your hard drive is the problem

What you will need - A Windows10 CD or DVD.

Step 1: Place theDVD/CD in your drive and also continue to boot from it.

Tip 2: When the install screen pops up, look to the bottom left and also select "Repair Your Computer".

Tip 3: You will now view a display screen that claims "Choose an option". Select "Troubleshoot", then "State-of-the-art Options", and also lastly "Command Prompt".

Step 4: Type "chkdsk /r C:" (Without quotes)

Step 5: The scan have to begin. This might take numerous hours relying on the dimension of your tough drive.

Tip 6: Once the scan is done, type "exit" (without quotes).

Tip 7: Reboot.

Hope this helps.

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