Windows 10 anniversary update error code 0x80070057

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When you attempt to update Windows 10 to the anniversary edition using the Windows 10 Upgrade tool, it downloads, verifies OK then stops at 2% with an Error code of 0x80070057.

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Credit: EntenEller


Before you start, disable your Ant-Virus software !

1) Go to Windows Upday, by opening the start menu, click on ‘Settings’ / "Updates & security"

or in the ‘Search box’ type: update" and open ‘Check for Updates’.


2) Now look dvery own for "Find Out More" attach and also click it, it should open a page on your default internet browser.

3) Next click on "Get the Anniversary Update now".


The Documents that is downloaded is named: Windows10Upgrade28084.


4) Double click on this file Open it and make certain it starts downloading the upgrade file.


Note: Your window to disable the WIFI might be partially hidden by the Windows update process so relocate it to an obtainable corner of the display be you percreate action #5.

5) Next off Watch for "Verifying Download" and make sure to turn off your Web WIFI connection or disconnect your LAN cable as soon as the downfill reaches 100%IMMEDIATELY.

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If you currently had actually the 2% error and also are analysis this Wiki, the upday is already on your computer system so it"s going to just verify prefer a hash check to make certain the Windows 10 update documents are intact.

6) Next off it have to begin the upgrade but acquire stuck at the usual 2% (this might take few minutes to reach the 2% mark).


7) Now wait for about 2 minutes and re-allow your Internet/WIFI/LAN and the upgrade need to proceed and also finally obtain past 2% in a brief while (be patient).


8) After the upday is all set, you will must restart the computer, click on the ‘Restart now’ switch.


9) After your computer system restarts the update will complete installing and also may reboot one or even more times to complete the procedure.

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10) Check your activation status: Click on Start / Setups / Upday & security / Activation


11) Verify the Windows 10 version number is 1607 (As of August second 2016):Start / Settings / System / About

Note: Updays might change the construct number from time to time such as KB3176495 released on August ninth.