Windows 10 add mirror greyed out

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Quick synopsis of the problem: I"m trying to mirror my information HDD to an added HDD.My setup: I currently have 3 storage devices in my computer. A 1 TB SSD which I have actually the OS loaded to. I have 2 1TB HDD attached as additional storage. At this time, simply one of the difficult drives has information (we"ll describe as DATA drive), and also the other one is empty and awaiting a mirror (we"ll describe as EMPTY drive). My OS is Windows 10 Pro. I presently have actually the information backed as much as a 1 TB outside simply in situation something in the process goes awry, but of course the preference is to not need to wipe the currentMy situation: At one point in time, they were mirrored, however somepoint occurred a few months ago and now they aren"t. I"ve been trying to figure out exactly how to develop the mirror aget. Pretty a lot all the study I"ve done is to go to disk management, best click on the drive I desire to mirror, and click "Add Mirror". But the "Add Mirror" option is grayed out.What I"ve tried so far: I"ve tried so many points at this point. I"ve been trying to make both drives as similar as possible.

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I"ve tried making the empty drive MBR instead of GPT, and dynamic rather of standard. The data drive is currently a Dynamic MBR drive. I"ve tried leaving the empty drive unalsituated and I"ve tried developing an easy volume via it (File drive is additionally a simple volume). Right clicking on the Empty drive reflects a grayed out choice "New Mirrored Volume" which is additionally grayed out. I would certainly prefer to note that "New Spanned Volume", New Striped Volume" and also "New RAID-5 Volume" are likewise all grayed out.I"ve been analysis that it"s perhaps an issue via room. While they both can organize 931.51 GB of area, I see that the File drive has actually a 1,000,202,039,296 byte capacity, while the Empty drive has actually a 1,000,200,990,720 byte capacity. I"ve check out about the potential necessity to shrink the Data drive before continuing, however as I"m not to familiar on what that does, I am afraid to attempt that without expertise it better, so I determined currently is that time to ask for help.Please aid me figure this out. I desire to learn from this suffer, so I was really trying to settle it on my very own, yet I"m at the allude where I"m going down rabbit holes without truly expertise them. Thanks for the assist, and let me know what various other information you require from me.Note: Add Mirror choice is greyed out (Windows 10). I wanted to put this in here with the word spelled as "grey" as well, instead of "gray," so that if we are able to find a solution, various other civilization through this trouble will certainly more conveniently be able to uncover the solution. I noticed while googling the trouble, that the spelling developed slightly various outcomes.