Wifi direct virtual adapter windows 10

When I form ipconfig /all command in Windows command prompt, it reflects some adapters with summary of "Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter" (watch image below).

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Wright here did they come from and what are they provided for?

How deserve to I remove it and also will certainly it reason any type of issue if removed?

I am certain that I just have one physical WiFi adapter in my laptop.



Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter is greatly offered to produce wiremuch less hotspot and also let various other computers usage internet with your computer.

This technology will virtualize your Wiremuch less netoccupational adapter a lot in the exact same means VMWare/VirtualBox virtualizes your whole operating device. Once it has actually been virtualized, you have the right to transform one physical wiremuch less adapter right into 2 online ones. This allows you to then attach one digital wireless adapter to your constant wiremuch less network and also use the various other virtual adapter to attach to an additional network-related such as an WiFi hotspot and let others to connect to your Windows machine wirelessly choose they would certainly attach to a normal AP.

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You have the right to do this from both GUI and cmd.


From this page

Virtual WiFi helps a user connect to multiple IEEE 802.11 networkswith one WiFi card. It functions by exposing multiple digital adapters,one for each wireless netoccupational to which connectivity is wanted.Virtual WiFi uses a netjob-related hopping scheme to switch the wiremuch less cardacross the wanted wiremuch less networks. Switching in between networks istransparent to the applications, such that the user feels she isassociated to multiple wireless netfunctions all at once. Virtual WiFiis enforced as an NDIS intermediate driver, and a user-levelorganization in Windows XP. Virtual WiFi interacts with the card devicedriver at the reduced finish, and network protocols at the top finish. Thebuffering protocol is implemented in the kernel and also the switchinglogic is applied as a user-level business.



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