Why is my graphics card so loud

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A loud fan is always irritating and doesn’t let you listen to your in-game sound appropriately. A loud fan from your graphics card might have actually been concerning you for rather a time and you don’t know what resulted in it to run so loud. While there are a few reasons yet right now it’s vital to emphasis on the solution which will additionally let you uncover out the cause of loudness.

A graphics card deserve to run loud as a result of a number of concerns and you have the right to get your graphics card resolved by the complying with 5 methods. Two of these methods are for those that don’t want to open up their computer systems but in instance these two methods don’t work-related out, it’s time to take the screwdriver in your hand and also fix the difficulty once and also for all.

Before proceeding to the actions you must recognize that there are 2 types of fan noises: One that is due to high fan speed and one is due to a faulty fan. The complying with methods job-related best only via the first situation.

Tweak the Fan Curve


The simplest point to lower the fan noise of your graphics card is to minimize the fan rate. For this, you should install MSI Afterburner which is likewise the best overclocking tool for the graphics card. Before you go right into transforming the fan curve, you need to monitor just how is your graphics card temperature. You need to take into consideration exactly how much temperature your GPU is hitting on full load and also exactly how much fast your fan is spinning.

While you play the game, it’s not possible to check the MSI Afterburner temperature graph all at once. So, it’s best to use a stress tool prefer Furnote. You deserve to examine our tutorial on just how to stress test a graphics card. If your graphics card is hitting over 80 levels Celsius, and your fan is spinning at 100%, then it’s finest to leave the fan curve to default bereason reducing the fan speed will certainly make points only worse.


But in situation you have actually temperatures below 80C, and also your GPU fan running at 100%, then you may decrease the fan rate. Try going to 90% and then lower down slowly until when you hear incredibly low fan noise and your GPU temperature is likewise steady not going method over 80C.

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If reducing the fan rate results in high temperatures, then you may have to downclock your GPU. You have the right to alleviate the core clock and also memory clock from MSI Afterburner which need to make your graphics card sreduced in games however likewise a lot cooler in procedure. By this, your fan rate might decrease automatically or you have the right to decrease it manually from the Curve.

In instance your graphics card is still running warm and also fan running at 100%, then you need to alleviate the voltage which need to additionally cause lower fan rate. I don’t recommend this technique before trying out the other 3 measures mentioned listed below however if you don’t have actually time or are a little afrhelp to take the risk, then stick to these 2 measures discussed.

Clear the dust from the heatsink


Your GPU fan may be spinning very quick because your heatsink isn’t able to cool your graphics card properly. This may be because tbelow is the majority of dust on your heatsink which you didn’t clean for a number of months or years. This is an extremely widespread worry. All you should execute to resolve it is use compressed air or an air blower to rerelocate the dust. You can usage a brush likewise for stubborn dust.

Not just your graphics card yet your whole chassis needs good cooling! Check out our PC Cooling Tips and tricks!

For proper cooling, it’s recommended to disassemble your graphics card to accessibility the heatsink properly. You will certainly should very closely remove all the screws and wires before you separate the PCB from the heatsink. From here you have the right to additionally put some new thermal paste on the GPU processor by initially rerelocating the old paste.

Pour some oil in fan bearing


If you tried all of the three approaches discussed over, then it’s time to examine if your fan needs some servicing or not. Pour some oil in the fan bearing by first rerelocating the fan sticker in the middle. Some fans have actually an additional cover which is needed to be rerelocated to access the bearings. Typically, the noise that comes from the fans is because of wearing out of fan bearings. The second type of noise that I stated in the arrival have the right to also be solved by putting some oil and also it’s best to use an oil like the 3-in-one Multiobjective oil.

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Change the Heatsink if the fan is faulty


This solution fixes a loud and also an overheating graphics card at the exact same time. If you watch your fan dying then tright here is a small you deserve to perform to save it. Moreover, it’s challenging to acquire a fan comparable to what you have on your graphics card. So, it’s finest to simply change the heatsink of your graphics card. It will certainly be expensive yet at leastern cheaper than buying a new graphics card. There are multiple cooling remedies for graphics cards right currently and exactly how much cooling you desire will certainly decide just how a lot money you are going to spfinish. Well, a normal air cooler heatsink will be fine however there are AIO coolers also which will control your GPU’s temperature unfavor anypoint else.


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While these are the height 5 remedies for solving a loud graphics card, every one of these are not essential to be enforced but rather complied with in a sequence in order to settle the problem in a simple method as feasible. The last option which is changing the cooler is a 100% working solution for a graphics card that isn’t gaining resolved by the initially 4 approaches. If you need any type of aid, then call me in the comments area below!