Why is my controller acting like a mouse

Hi males, I recently established how to disable the mouse use on my 360 controller while in desktop mode and also wanted to share just how.

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If you are favor me and also really favor desktop mode and also use it even more as a PC than a consingle, then this information is for you. Playing with a 360 controller on your desktop computer is pretty much difficult, your joystick functions as a computer mouse and also the D Pad and also confront butlots have the right to input erroneous commands you didn't want. I searched online for fixes and also the official fixes were to downfill hivemind however I didn't want to go down that route by making use of console mode. So if you are stubborn choose me and refusage to use consingle mode, then below are the 2 procedures to make your 360 controller work-related as it does on Computers.

How To Fix

Tip 1.

Go to regulate panel, then go to Mouse. Click the hardware tab and also you have to view 2 of "HID-compliant mouse", uncover the one that has actually it's area set as AlphaMousage, then go to properties and also disable the tool. Now your joystick won't relocate your mouse cursor, yet we're not done.

Tip 2.

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Go earlier to regulate panel and also go to Keyboard. Aacquire discover the hardware tab and also you will certainly aacquire watch 2 vehicle drivers, uncover the one that is AlphaMouse. I was unable to disable this, yet I unmounted the tool and also it resolved my controller's D-Pad and face buttons from inplacing keyboard functions.

Now my controller functions like how it must on a continual PC, no computer mouse or keyboard interference, just a right up USB controller. I've evidenced it functions in heavy steam games as well as Xbox One streaming and my continuous computer mouse and also keyboard are unimpacted.

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4 years ago
Or you can just organize dvery own the triggers, bumpers and click the sticks in to toggle it on and off.

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That never worked for meFyi, I've done my research here and tbelow are plenty of various other users choose me who skipped directly to desktop and didn't desire to deal with additional software. All the google browsing in the people didn't existing this as an different, long-term resolve. The just reason I article this is so that its archived and deserve to be google searched, if I assisted one perboy than I did what I set to carry out.

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